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yarns-web Classic Bush Yarns
Harper Collins. 2002
Also audio book version. Harper Collins Audio
ratbags-web Ratbags & Rabblerousers – Australian political parody and satire in the 20th century.
Currency Press, Sydney, 2001.
diggers-web Diggers’ Songs ö the songs Australian diggers sang in eleven wars from the Maori Wars to the Gulf War.
Australian Military History Press. 1999
mabel-web When Mabel Laid The Table – the folklore of eating and drinking in Australia from colonial days to takeaways.
State Library of NSW Press.
balls-web The Balls of Bob Menzies – Australian political folklore from Federation onwards.
A&R/Harper Collins
book-web Australian Folksong Guide – the bush band.
CBC Publishing Sydney.
eureka-web Eureka. – the social history of Australia as seen through song.
Omnibus Press.
pintpot-web Pint Pot & Billy. A selection of Australian songs.
William Collins.
  The Songs That Made Australia – 107 Bush Songs.
A&R/Harper Collins
  Joe Watson, his life and times.
Australian Folklore Associates press.
  While The Billy Boils. Australian history (with accompanying 16 tape set).
Australian Broadcasting Commission.
  Wedding Folklore 
Bodgie Books


  Big Book Of Aussie Jokes
Harper Collins.
  Tucker Track. The Folklore and Curious History of Food. ABC

All At Sea. Australian maritime. Bodgie Books.

The Good Old Bad Old Days. Bodgie Books.

A Hop and a Skip and a Jump: A history of Australian children’s amusements

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