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The History of the Melbourne view3

(Tune: Wearing Of The Green)

Death of Tommy Corrigan

Come friends just listen to me, and a story I will tell,
Concerning poor Tommy Corrigan, the jock you all know well.
The flag was dropped and off they went with Dondi in the lead,
And Corrigan on Waiter, come on with mighty speed.

He was fast approaching Dondi, as they rounded at the turn.
When waiter came down with a crash and seemed to overturn,
Poor Corrigan was beneath him, with a deep gash in his head,
And everybody on the course made sure that he was dead.

I’m sorry that I let him ride, good Mr Vargo said,
But alas, alas, it was too late, for Tommy lay there dead
Oh, they bore him gently from the spot, into the doctor’s room,
But alas, alas, it was too late, poor Tommy met his doom.

So if you always loved him, and followed him through life,
I hope you won’t forget to help, his sorrow-stricken wife
She has lost a faithful husband, there’s been offers to console,
And may the great Almighty God, have mercy on his soul.