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the Case of Kelly Cahill

Kelly describes herself as a Christian in her book encounter (Cahill 1996) and she writes:
“I found that the longer I was a Christian, the more intent I was on getting to know God, I wanted to get closer to Him and become perfect”.

Kelly would spend more and more time closeted in the back bedroom of her home praying, reading her bibles and seeking His presence.

I quote here “I stayed in the room for about six weeks straight hardly eating and in the third week I was in the room praying my heart out to God for some indication that He really cared for me, and truly accepted me.

I was doing this hour after hour and then I said a peculiar thing “Why can’t you be closer to me? I want you here, I want your pure presence”.

“As soon as I said this, an incredible thing happened I suddenly felt a breathtaking, overwhelming presence in the room. A surge of energy washed over me, which caused my heart to race, my skin to flush, my hair to stand on end. I felt a tingling sensation all over my body and my heart was pounding so hard that I was on the verge of blacking out”.
I stayed like that for 15 minutes solid, I was afraid that I would have a heart attack if I did move. During these 15 minutes it seemed to me that something was being poured into my head, like highspeed data transmission. When it finally left me I had the clear idea that my prayer had been answered by God showing me a small taste of His power.”

When she explained to her husband what had happened he told her that he had seen a flash of light fill the night sky from horizon to horizon but there was no thunder or lightening. He connected it with what was going on with Kelly in her study room, and it frightened him.

A few days later Kelly Cahill and her husband were to become involved in Australia’s most extraordinary U.F.O. alien abduction case.

Prior to this event there was little persuasive evidence for the reality, the physical reality, of U.F.O. alien abductions.
Scientist Bill Chalker dedicates a chapter to this rare event in his book. The Oz Files (Chalker 1996).

The abundance of corroborating evidence, six independent witnesses, medical records, chemical and magnetic anomalies at the site, physical evidence at the U.F.O. landing site etc.

This case was a real breakthrough in U.F.O. research in Australia.

At this time, Bill Chalker was mentoring me through the strangeness of U.F.O. abduction cases helping me to keep my metaphorical feet on the ground in this truly mind boggling study.
I had to ask the obvious question – has anyone tested these abductees psychologically? Nobody knew what we might discover back then (in 1993).
The J Allen Hynek Centre for U.F.O. studies in Chicago USA was running a psychological research program at that time. Adelaide researcher Keith Basterfield arranged for a modified language Australian version which used the standard psychological tests, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). Inventory of Childhood memories and imaginings (I.C.M.I.) and dissociative experiences scale (D.E.S.). In addition there was an abduction data collection form and an eight page CUFOS.SP. questionnaire on personal details.
To qualify for inclusion in this research the abductee had to have been taken against their free will from what they knew to be a normal terrestrial setting into what they knew or believed to be a U.F.O. Next they had to have been subjected against their will to an alien “medical examination” and then returned to a normal terrestrial setting. There also required some corroborating evidence to support their claim. Kelly Cahill and sixteen others qualified for this study.

Keith Basterfield advised us that the preliminary results showed our (very small) sample was consistent with the more than half a dozen such studies carried out in North America to date.

As a group U.F.O. abductees are no different from any normal population with the exception of elevated scores (32% in our sample) of fantasy prone personalities who would range 3% – 4% in a normal population.

Keith Basterfield has detailed the paranormal and poltergeist phenomena involved in U.F.O. encourters in the June 2001 issue of A.J. Para. I also remember Keith saying to me that U.F.O. phenomena are (1) Psyically real (2) Psychic (3) Interactive (4) Have a very high degree of strangeness.

There is considerable uncertainty about some claimed U.F.O. alien encounters that may just be haunting and poltergeist phenomena.

Unless there is an alien U.F.O. spacecraft involved we cannot be sure what we are discussing.

The U.F.O. subject has been highly politicised by the governments of the United States and Britain insisting that it can be explained away as swamp gas or psychosis. Interestingly the Royal Australian Air Force comes to the opposite conclusion as detailed in Bill Chalkers work the Oz files, so named because he details airforce and government records under the freedom of information act.

I am indebted to Bill for introducing me to Kelly Cahill and the others who are reluctant to talk to anyone of their experiences let alone complete several hours of psychological testing. Without their trust in him and his confidence in me this study would not have been possible.

Back now to Kelly Cahill’s book where she describes the alien encounters.

“The obvious question is why do I connect this to U.F.O.s if at the time I was sure that the event was related to God? The answer lies mainly in the presence of energy going through my body. It was very similar to the energy I experienced during the encounter, except that my interpretation of it was totally different”.

This night time encounter with aliens includes these other related details.

As these red eyed aliens advanced across the paddock toward Kelly and her husband she picks up their telepathic thought “Lets kill them next” followed by “an incredible physical energy that hit me in waves of vibration carrying the emotion of pure unadulterated horror”.
She describes the redeye alien voices, flawless well-rounded, perfect diction, enunciated precisely in best English”, quite audible not telepathic. “We mean you no harm”. The beings voice veritably dripped with sarcasm. “He was haughty, arrogant and condescending because his power and control over us was undisputed”. Kelly’s husband asked “Then why did you hit Kelly?” The redeye alien replies “I wouldn’t harm her, after all I am her father”.

Kelly took this to be mockery because she always referred to God as Father.

These redeye Gods posses the same deceptive personas as Van Dusen’s lower order entities. I muse, could these be the Old Testament gods, the same gods who kill all the first-born children in Egypt? I found the U.F.O. alien abduction research somewhat frustrating because, as I said to Bill Chalker, all we ever do is chase about after the event gathering evidence and data as best we can.

Worse still there seems to be very little we are able to do to help end these abduction experiences which statistically seem to be a young persons activity under 40 years of age.
It is worth considering some of the work of Ann Druffel. In, abductions: An update (Druffel 1988 & 1992). Ann looks at techniques individuals have developed to successfully ward off unwanted contact.

  1. Sustained mental effort directed toward breaking the sleep paralysis by moving a toe or finger.
  2. The making of ones own sound silently within ones mind, somewhat similar to a musical note reverberating in the upper body and head.
  3. Prayer to Christian personages, Jesus helped somewhat, Archangel Michael a noted warrior against dark spirits broke the paralysis even more quickly.

Duffel also notes “intense verbal threatening of these entities will accomplish the same result as mental struggle, certain meditative techniques and fervent prayer”.

Interestingly one woman described merely “waiting out” and another mentally biting through the hands that clutched her.

In these body asleep – mind awake states of consciousness the entities cover a full spectrum of obviously non-physical haunting types through to unmistakeably physically real UFO alien abductions.

The most puzzling element to me is that Kelly sought direct contact with the divine and got the opposite.

God, of course, is an idea, a recent Christian idea derived from the Hebrew, thou shalt have no god above me, meaning there were lesser gods also.

In Buddhist mapping of consciousness there is no god. There are a multitude of non-physical beings, the good, the bad and the ugly but no one has come across a supreme being. The word god of course has so many meanings to so many individuals that the word itself is meaningless. Redeye aliens masquerading as gods? I don’t know.