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Talking Dogs



© Warren Fahey 2008

The Australian yarn tradition has many dog stories, especially yarns where dogs talk. In the bush all dogs seem capable of speech, and some are extremely colourful talkers.

A dog goes into a pub and fronts the bar.
“I’ll have a schooner of beer and a rum chaser, mate.”
The barman, looks at the dog, looks at the people in the bar, and turns and pours the rum and beer.
The dog gulps the two drinks down, slides over the money and turns to leave, but thinks twice about it when he spots the barman shaking his head in wonder.
“I suppose you think it’s a it odd a dog coming in here and ordering a beer with a rum chaser?”
The barman looked at the dog and replied: “No way, mate, that’s exactly how I drink ‘em too.”

For a chapter on dog yarns see my books ‘Classic Bush Yarns’ and ‘Great Aussie Yarns’ (Harper Collins)