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From The Home Magazine 1933 article by D G McDougall ‘Treasures of Garden Island’


Maritime Figure Heads

“Garden Island has preserved four figure heads. One is of Queen Victoria, complete with crown, sceptre, ribbons and chain of the garter, the collar of St Michael and St George and a thistle. It was taken ashore by Captain William Cargill in the 1890s on the sale of his ship the ‘Windsor castle’ and subsequently left to rot in his garden at neutral bay where it was chained to a tree. The figurehead of Lord Nelson came from the original ‘Lord Nelson’ vessel and is floodlit each night at Rushcutters Bay naval depot. The third figurehead is from the surveying vessel ‘Sea Lark’ (previously called ‘The wanderer’ and before that ‘The Consuela’). The final figurehead is that of HMAS Penguin – a survey sloop and depot ship well known to Sydney siders. It was christened the ‘Tilly Devine’ by a local sailing wag and has been known as that ever since.”