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P.U. Ticket

“I’m travelllin’” the loafer said;
Said the shearer, “Say no more!
But come inside and have a feed,
For I see you are footsore.”

“I’m travellin’” the loafer said;
said the slushy: “say nae mair!
You’ve a ticket, I s’pose, you’re a Union chap,
You’re travellin’ fair and square.”

“I’ve a Union ticket, “ the loafer said;
said the shearer, “Right you are!
Just come inside and wet your beak,
Us chaps are on the square.”

“I’ve a Union ticket.” Replied the cove;
said the slushy, “That’s the thing!”
“I’ve a Union ticket,” the loafer said,
“One issued by Whitely King!”

Then the shearer spake him never a word,
But he made the welkin ring,
With the thumps he thumped that loafing cove,
Who’d a ticket from Whitely King.

Now, if humpin’ bluey you’ve got to go,
Just give Whitely King a rest,
For the P.U. ticket won’t carry you far,
Among the shearers’ huts out West!