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Songs of Convict Life

Convicts and transportation


 There is little doubt Francis MacNamara, better known as ‘Frank the Poet’, was Australia’s literary bard. Eloquent and humorous, his words have tumbled down through history and have been recited and sung. Here is one of Australia’s greatest interpreters of folk song, the late Declan Affley (1939-1985), singing ‘Moreton Bay’, a poem by MacNamara.

I discovered these tapes in my archive in 2017.

Here is Declan reciting three MacNamara works

‘A petition from the Chain Gang at Newcastle’

‘For the Company Underground’.

‘The Ballad of Martin Cash.’

For a detailed study of Frank the Poets work see https://frankthepoet.blogspot.com.au/


Convicts + Transportation


Convict Life