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SOURCE: Heads of the People magazine 1842
TUNE: Says The Old Coal

A National song

You sons of Australia, united arise,
let the shout f your gladness ascend to the skies,
For the queen, for Victoria, the young and the fair -
Preserve her, Jehovah, from sorrow and care.

O ladies all loudly, with honey-lipped song,
Bear the proud measure of homage along;
We\'re subject to woman wherever we stand:
Ye rule our hearts, and Victoria our land.

When dangers are near her, o God be her shield,
When armies assail her, do thou rule the field;
And glancing with lightning and thund\'ring among,
Bear right and Victoria triumphant along.

Thy banners, Victoria, restless shall wave -
For merit is honoured: rewarded the brave -
Around thee a nation will rally in love;
In war-time a lion, in peace-time a dove.

Happy, ye nations, beneath her mild sway
the darkness of ignorance passes away,
Oppression no longer is hid from the sight;
Where\'er rules Victoria, there rules the light.

SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore Project - Section 14: CITY LIFE

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