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Source: DSM178/A
The Temperance Societies and Bands of Hope of Australia.
Sydney. 1880s Smith & Gardiner
Small songbook. Hard cover.
Tune: God Save The Queen
SITE SOURCE: Sydney Folklore - SECTION 9: Demon drink and teetotalism

Australia\'s HOPE

God bless our youthful band;
Oh, may we firmly stand
True to our pledge.
May we to liberty,
Truth, love and charity,
Evermore faithful to be,
From youth to age.

While for the drunkard\'s weel,
We work with constant zeal,
Our labours bless.
And we thine aid invoke,
To save all little folk
From the poor drunkard\'s yoke,
And deep distress.

May young Australians stand,
A noble temperance band,
A joy to see;
And may our cause extend,
Until all nations blend –
And one great shout ascend, -
The world is free.

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