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SOURCE:Composed by John McIver & Pat Finn


Come now, ye sturdy southern sons,
And joyously we\'ll chorus all,
And praises sing of games the king—
Australia\'s game—football.
The bell is rung; our nerves are strung;

The football match will soon begin;
The umpire\'s there to see all fair—
Hurrah! and may the best team win.

Hurrah! hurrah I we\'ll chorus all
Australia\'s grand old game\'s football.

In friendly rivalry they meet—
In football battle\'s grand array,
Just like so many warriors,
All eager for the fray.
And friends and foes cry \" Off she goes,\"
As speeds the ball along,
With frantic cries that rend the skies—
Re-echoed loud and strong.

Hurrah! hurrah! etc.
The battle wages hot and fierce—
The players struggling heart and soul
To storm the foemen\'s citadel,
And score the cherished goal.
Attack! Retreat! the busy feet!
Mark! no mark! Scrimmage! Fall!
There find you sinew, strength and pluck—
Australia\'s game -football.

Hurrah! hurrah! etc.

\"Fair play is bonny play,\" dear boys,
A rare old ancient maxim true;
And where is fairer football found
Than with the kangaroo ?

With laurels on their merits won
Let\'s credit give to all.
The name! the game! the grand old game!
Australia\'s game football.

Hurrah! hurrah! etc.

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