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Pat Finn


When the first All England\'s Elevens
Came over it gave us the blues—
For our cricket was that of beginners,
And we shivered and shook in our shoes;
But after a time things were altered.
For we suddenly found that our soil
Boasted Blackhams and Murdochs, and Spofforths,
Turner, Lyons, a Giffen and Boyle,
A Horan and Trumble, big Bonnor,
Jarvis, Allan, besides many more.
Yes, it suddenly dawned on the English
All their one-sided victories were o\'er.

Yes, it suddenly, etc.

We put forth an Australian Eleven
\"Merrie England\" to meet face lo face.
And the eyes of the whole world were opened,
For no longer we trembled at Grace.
We pasted the best English bowling,
We laughed at the Englishman Jupp
In his frantic endeavours to stump us—
And in scoring we put records up.
The Englishmen found us their equals
With bat, ball, or out in the field;
And the cry then went up that Australia
Had eleven that never would yield.

And the cry then went up, etc.

How we gallantly fight up-hill battles,
In a style the true sportsmen admire;
How the Englishmen\'s wickets we rattle,
Pulling matches from out of the fire –
Are items known all the world over
That have won us an undying fame,
For we\'ve shown on the grounds of Old England
That we\'ve no \'little kids\' at the game –
We have shown that the ashes they talk of,
Ere for good they are buried away,
Have in us here the staunchest of champions,
For Australia, she wil have er say.

Have in us here, etc.

Then a cheer for Australia\'s Eleven;
Hurrah! for the plucky young men
Who have beared so often and often
The Lion himself in his den;
And hurrah for the teams of Old England,
But, before all, the loved Sunny South.
Success then to both the Elevens,
May our love for each other ne\'er cease –
May we have in the whole of our battles
Prosperity, friendship, and peace.

May we have, etc.

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