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Imperial Songster 95

All Aboard For Manly

It\'s nice to go sailing across the blue sea,
The summer, of course, is the time you\'ll agree,
Some take longer trips, others short ones so nice,
But if you\'ll only listen to my good advice,
If you want a real good holiday,
Come along and I\'ll show you the way.

All aboard for Manly Beach,
Many Beach, Manly Beach,
Just the place to spend the day,
How to make love you can teach,
Take your girlie to the sea,
Oh, the sea, the lovely sea,
A splash in the surf is the best thing on earth
When you\'re down at Manly Beach.

Sometimes on a Sunday, for that is the day,
The ladies look happy and dressed bright and gay,
With hobbles and wobbles, and foddles and spice,
They look the real thing, Oh, so awfully nice,
It\'s a pleasure I treasure sublime,
Come along, hurry up, be in time.

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