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Published Melbourne and also appears as Armchair Chronicle
Air: Here\'s to the Maiden of Bashful Fifteen


There\'s a story that rats from a ship will decamp
As soon as there\'s fear of her sinking,
And the great ones who now are preparing to tramp
Are very much like them I\'m thinking.
Ioupe! Tally ho! Away let them go!
There are better men left to replace them, I trow.

First comes the Governor, Mr. La Trobe,
\'Whose exit is duly expected;
His faults Captain Dane and the Thunderer probe,
And rate him for duties neglected.
loupe! Tally ho!
Away let him go!
A sturdier man will succeed him, I trow.

Sir William a\'Beckett perhaps should come next,
Though he\'s only gone for & season;
But Justice meanwhile is ill-tempered and vexed.
At his proxy, and not without reason.
loupe! Tally ho!
For the time let him go!
He\'ll be welcomed\'on hither returning, I trow.

In the same case is Westgarth, the Argus\'s god;
But Goldsmith has finally ratted :
J. Beware is to follow, besides a rare odd-
And-end lot, with unlooked-for wealth fatted.
loupe! Tally ho!
Little apples will grow
Though they never should come back to see us I trow.

The city will lose its last member again,
And Port Fairy its orator Billy,
At whose sallies no man cnn from laughter refrain,
So noisy, outrageous, and silly.
loupe! -tally ho!
Away let them go!
They\'ll be very small loss to the Senate, I trow.

I have freedom and health — I have riches and state
For those who will love and stand by me;
But scorn and contempt for the leeches ingrate
Who first serve their own ends, and then fly me\"
loupe! Tally ho!
Away let them go !
They may fare worse by traveling further, I trow.

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