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Publishing books has become an interesting challenge and over the past few years, after a near lifetime of being successfully published by commercial publishers, I have decided it is more effective to Do It Myself. I know my market, my books are targeted and, more importantly, I write to create rather than make a quick dollar.

My book sales support my cultural history work and this site. I hope you like my Bodgie Books logo on the left. I found this natty gent in a long-forgotten advertisement from 1905.

Enjoy reading and discovering some of the more curious aspects of Australian culture.       Warren Fahey


BODGIE BOOKS can be ordered directly from our site. We accept all credit cards and Paypal orders. Simply send an email and I’ll send back cost of book and postage. Despatch is typically next day. All ebooks are to be ordered as per the links provided. Orders & Paypal  wfahey@bigpond.net.au



Dead & Buried

The curious history of Sydney’s earliest burial grounds. Cemeteries hold so many fascinating stories and Sydney’s three main cemeteries – The Old Burial Ground on George Street, Devonshire Street Cemetery and the grand Rookwood Cemetery – all document the social history of Sydney from the arrival of the First Fleet through to the present time. These are stories of notable and ordinary people, the high and the low, of architecture, landscaping, and the ever-changing attitude to burial and remembrance. This collection of stories attempts to explain how the three early cemeteries evolved and, considering Rookwood is the largest Victorian necropolis in the southern hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world, how it has serviced Sydney for over 155 years. These are not morbid stories but a reminder of the mortality we all face. Many of the stories are from newspaper accounts and obituaries. There are also many stories behind the stories where the writer has diverted from the main story to reveal fascinating glimpses of Sydney streets and society. As a slice of Sydney past, the material concentrates on the earlier side of history with tales of colonial notables, sensational murders, tragedies, poets and politicians, artists and dreamers, gallant heroes and, because it is a Sydney history, a goodly number of eccentrics, ratbags and rabble-rousers. The collection also represents the religious, non-religious and cultural diversity of Sydney. Determining names to include became a personal choice and with well over a million burials across the three cemeteries, there definitely was no shortage of notable people – famous and infamous. This collection is much like a cemetery in as much as it is widely representative and, with nearly 800 pages, a generous slice of Sydney’s history. Publication date January 2022 hardback, paperback & ebook


A Hop, A Skip & A Jump: The History of Australian Childhood Amusement.

A hop, A Skip & A Jump. Tracing the creative world of children – this new book has been a long time coming and is the first comprehensive survey of how Australian children create, adopt and adapt amusements including word games, wonders, action play, traditional games, collecting fads, dressing-up etc. There is also a chapter on indigenous play, a collection of Australian school war cries and school songs, and a look at schoolyard chants, taunts and ditties. It’s a real nostalgic journey with loads of images. 686 pages. Due for publication March 2020




The Good Old Bad Old Days

The Good Old Bad Old Days – A fascinating history of Sydney’s inner east – Woolloomooloo, Rushcutter’s Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Potts Point (and its naughty little sister, Kings Cross). Lots of images and stories about the high life, low life and the very low life. Available paperback $25 plus post.

Ratbags & Rabble-rousers

Ratbags & Rabble-rousers is an updated version of my earlier (and infamous) book The Balls of Bob Menzies – and is a history of political satire and parody in the twentieth century…. I simply had to finish with the ‘Greedy nineties’ to score the century. Still available.  Paperback $25 plus post

Diggers' Songs

Diggers’ Songs brings together the songs, verse and drinking toasts of servicemen and women who fought in eleven wars and skirmishes dating back to the Australian contingent which went to New Zealand for the Maori Wars and through to the Vietnam War. Lots of songs and ditties and images. Limited copies of the hardcover book available. $35 plus post

Banjo Paterson collected the first bush songs and published them as Old Bush Songs in 1905, Stewart & Kedssing did an updated version in 1957, and in 2005, the book celebrated its centenary with a new version compiled by Graham Seal and Warren Fahey – the new book celebrated Paterson and included updated information and new songs. Limited copies of the paperback are available. $25 plus post

Wedding Customs & Traditions is a compendium of folklore and custom associated with engagements, weddings and anniversaries. A must for those planning to wed or simply interested in folklore. eBook available. https://books.apple.com/au/book/wedding-customs-traditions-a-compendium/id643060775


Tucker Track followed on from an earlier book ‘When Mabel Laid The Table’ and traces the history of food in Australia – it is a whimsical and fascinating collection covering everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Famous cook, Margaret Fulton, said “:It is a treasure to be reminded of so much of our early kitchen and table lore’. Limited quantities of paperback available. $20 plus post

Bush Yarns is one of my most successful books with well over 30,000 copies sold. All the old chestnuts are available in one easy read. Join Dad, Dave and Mabel with a few belly laughs. Limited paperback copies are available. $25 plus post

Australian Folk Songs and Bush Ballads – the print edition sold out but it is available as an ebook – in fact, 3 ebooks… the beauty of the ebooks is that I was able to include sound recordings so you can see the musical notation, read the background notes to each song, and hear the originally recorded version from the National Library Collections. ebooks available. https://books.google.com.au/books/about/Australian_Folk_Songs_and_Bush_Ballads_E.html?id=0iZwDwAAQBAJ&redir_esc=y

The World Turned Upside-down is a history of gold mining in Australia as told through first-hand reports in newspapers, diaries and gazettes. It includes the words to many ditties and songs never-before-published, especially songs from the NSW and Queensland strikes. Available as an ebook There is also a CD or digital album available of some of the songs sung by Luke Webb & Warren Fahey. The book has been highly praised as a resource for the story of the 1850s and 60s gold rushes which literally did turn the world upside-down. https://books.apple.com/au/book/the-world-turned-upside-down/id664922741


Sing Us Anothery, Dirty AS BUggery is the most comprehensive collection of Australian bawdy song, verse and drinking toasts every assembled. It represents the fag-end of a dying tradition killed by the P.C. police and changing times. It is a very large collection – some 800 pages – available as an ebook because no publisher dared touch it! https://www.amazon.com.au/Sing-Anothery-Dirty-Buggery-Australian-ebook/dp/B00Q9C3W30


All At Sea is a history and celebration of Australia’s relationship with its seas and rivers. Another big book – some 800 plus pages – it is chock full of stories, verse, songs and wonderfully evocative images. Sections on everything from clipper ships to surf clubs, shipwrecks to transportation. Available ebook https://books.apple.com/au/book/all-at-sea/id1239136076


The Big Book of Aussie Jokes started life as a serious work – I wanted to show how humour is used to deflate tension, especially in times of national stress such as the Bali Bombing and the attack on the Twin Towers of New York. Somehow my publisher turned it into a gigantic collection of jokes. Life’s funny. A few copies of the paperback are available. ebook available. https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Warren_Fahey_The_Big_Fat_Book_of_Aussie_Jokes?id=1zgqiy2Bz7wC


A Snapshot of Manar is a history of Potts Point and in particular Manar, the first residence built on the Macleay Estate after sub-division. The first residence dates back to the 1840s and the book shows the history of the unique property and its surrounding buildings. Paperback sold out. ebook available. https://books.apple.com/au/book/manar/id639899290