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Rouseabout/Undercover Music

After leaving the Festival Mushroom Group in 2000 Warren Fahey was approached by a large American indie label group, Shanachie Entertainment, a label group he had distributed through Larrikin Entertainment and, later, FMG, and agreed to establish Shanachie in Australia. He did so reluctantly but enthusiastically adding various labels to the distribution network which he placed through MGM Distribution. In 2002 he transferred all the labels into Planet Distribution (also through MGM) including Shanachie, Topic, Rounder, Telarc …. in fact, most of the labels he had previously distributed through the main years of Larrikin. Planet was Warren and one employee until Warren realised he was headed back to the same territory of Larrikin and one employee was one too many. He did a deal with MGM to take over Planet and it still exists today as the most important distributor of indie labels.

That same year Warren and Tony & Nick Wales (of the group CODA) established an Australian label, Undercover Music, which included three label identities – Rouseabout Records, Silent Records and Yelp!

2021 marks the label’s 20th anniversary.

Undercover has issued over 150 albums and continues to release folk and ‘interesting’ music on Rouseabout and electro-pop and ambient (strange genre name etc) on Silent. Warren’s main role is as Executive Producer for Rouseabout and, in truth, he is not connected to the business side which is left to the one employee, GM, Stuart McCarthy.  Essentially the label group is a not-for-profit enterprise that lives up to its name.

You can see full details of the label’s releases, hear tracks and read about the artists at