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Part I

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Interviews with Ken & Fiona White, Glen Tomasetti, John Lavery, Mike Raine and Ian Paulin; Information from Jerry Epstein.


Part 2

Laffer, p.7-10;

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Cover-notes Buddy Bohn – Folksinger (Leedon LL31.000); Cover-notes The Voice of Patsy Biscoe (CBS BP233287). Biscoe’s recording of ‘I Know Where I’m Going’ appears on the LP Starflight International 64 (Philips, PD161).

Interviews with Mal Brooks, Mark Pickering, Brien Connor, Patsy Biscoe, Frank Povah, Christine Lincoln, David Voigt and Jim Maguire; Information from Peter Hay; Steve Gadd & Patsy Biscoe, Letters to the author. 


Part 3

Laffer, p.7-10;

Interviews with Beth Sowter, Mark Pickering, Patsy Biscoe, Brian Mooney, Bill Hicks, Malcolm Brooks, Frank Povah;

(Quotes from Beth Sowter are a blend of my interview notes and Beth’s recorded “Recollections of the Wild Goose” on the CD From the Wild Goose to Brumida).

David Peace, “The Girl Who Likes to Shock”, Saturday Evening Mercury, 13 March 1965;  David Peace, “Talent Workshop”, Saturday Evening Mercury, 23 Jan 1965; “The Wild Goose Story”, Togatus 36(8), 1966, p.4; Patsy Biscoe, Letter to the author. See also Frank Povah’s memoirs, serialised in Drumbeat during 2004-2005.


Part 4

Interviews with Peter Lyall, Alex Myers, Joe Binns, Ian Clarke, Frank Povah, Neil Gardner, John Fulton-Stevens, Guy Carey, Ian Paulin and David Voigt.

(Quotes from Peter Lyall are a blend of my interview notes and Pete’s recorded “Recollections of the Crescendo Club” on the CD From the Wild Goose to Brumida).

Undated press clippings: “Folk Fans Find a Haven” (July 1967) and “A Jig of Old Eire” (1975), Examiner (author’s collection);

‘Crystal Bells’. Words & Music by Phillip E. Rainbird. (c)1979, printed in Bottom Pub Folk Club Broadcaster, 1, 10 Nov 1979;

Alex Myers’ Personal Papers; Ken Ogier, Letter to the author;


Part 5

A. Pattison & D. Mullholland, “Tradition and Change: Australian Folk and Acoustic Music”, in Australian Music Directory, ed. P. Beilby & M. Roberts. Melb: A.M.D., 1982, p.101; Greg Pullen, “The Folk Festival a Big Success”, Advocate Weekender, 20 June 1970; see also Advocate, 15 June 1970 & Examiner, 15 June 1970

Interviews with Beth Sowter, Alex Myers, Joe Binns

Alex Myers’ Personal Papers; Beth Sowter, Letter to the author.


Part 6

Interviews with Alex Myers, Joe Binns, John Lavery, Neil Gardner, Mike Raine & Ian Paulin; Information from Julie Paulin Fitzpatrick;

Alex Myers’ Personal Papers;

Ellie Close, “Talented Teens’ Plays Impress”, Advocate, 21 Sept 1968; “Actors Rehearse for Play Series”, Advocate, 17 Sept 1968; Greg Pullen, “All Together Now”, Advocate Weekender, 3 Oct 1970; Kevin Maclaine, “2000 Expected at Burnie Folk Festival”, Advocate Weekender, 30 Jan 1971; [Review of final Brumida concert], Advocate, 6 March 1972; Miscellaneous clippings, etc., Author’s collection.

For more detail on Neil Gardner, see my article “Neil Gardner: an Informal Profile”, Drumbeat, Oct & Dec 2000, Feb 2001. His recordings of the period were Anthem for Wednesday (Candle, SP1), Said the Blackbird (Candle, SP 3) and the EP The Colony Sings (Van Diemen, VDR037). Nick Armstrong’s Spectangle also released the LP Begin Here by Hobart bluesman Ian Young (Candle, SP2) in 1972. John Lavery was among the backing musicians on Said the Blackbird.


Part 7

Interviews with Ian Paulin, Frank Povah, Malcolm Brooks, Brien Connor, Ian Clarke, Alex Myers.

Laffer, p.22-51 passim.

Alex Myers’ remarks on the need to preserve songs of the period can be heard on the CD From the Wild Goose to Brumida.