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Warren Fahey
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Warren Fahey accompanied by some of Australia’s leading folk musicians on concertina, fiddle, mandolin, harp and accordion, bring you, “Larrikins, Louts and Layabouts”, 39 songs and ditties about life in the cities including songs about sport, two-up, union struggles in the coalfields and shearing industry, the 1930s Depression and a swag of songs about larrikins, politicians, high-living and low-life.


Track Listing

The Pub With No Dike 3.05 Trad
18 Pence 1.46 Trad
The Pig Catcherâs Love Song 1.16 Jack Crossland
Blast Of The Trumpet 1.10 Trad
Heenan and Sayers 3.39 Trad
Ballad of Les Darcy 0.46 Trad
Tommy Corrigan 2.18 Trad
The Two-Up Song 0.31 Trad
Iâm A Tolerant Man 1.36 Trad
Rafferty and Cafferty 6.57 Trad
Gumtree With Six Branches 2.48 Trad
Amalgamated Shearers Union 1.34 Trad
Baa Baa Merino Sheep 0.45 Trad
Unity Boys 3.44 Trad
The Miner 2.34 Trad
Packer The Scab 1.02 Trad
Lithgow Onwards Struggle 5.52 Trad
When You Give That Tuppence Back 2.14 Trad
Norman Brown 3.51 Hewitt/Leydon
Cockies Of Bungaree 2.55 Trad
4 Little Johnny Cakes 0.38 Trad
Two Professional Hums 2.24 Trad
Soup 2.28 Trad
Weâre On The Susso 0.38 Trad
On The Steps Of The Dole Office Door 0.50 Trad
The Homeless Man 3.03 Robertson
Girl On Bondi Beach 0.24 Trad
Up And Down The Sydney Road 0.22 Trad
Across The Western Suburbs 4.03 Gill/Kevans
Take Your Bulldozers Away 1.59 Dengate
Balls Of Bob Menzies 0.46 Trad
F1-11 3.28 Sayer
On Top Of No Smoking 1.35 Trad
Life Wasnât Meant To Be Easy 2.58 Sayer
Bobby, I Hardly Knew You 0.43 Quiggin
Tie Me Reactor Down 1.20 Trad
Thanks To The Yanks 2.16 Dengate