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Warren Fahey and Mic Conway



A documentary CD where Warren Fahey and Mic Conway recite, sing and tell old army jokes as they explore the songs the diggers used to sing. Companion CD to Warren Fahey’s book Diggers’ Songs. The following is only a partial list of contents but gives you a good idea.


Track Listing

Ditties: (very short)
Track 6. Puckapunyal. Sung by Mic Conway
T. 8. Kiss Me Good Night Sergeant Major. Mic Conway
T 7. Stew For Dinner Today. Sung Warren Fahey
T. 10 Plum & Apple (Jam). Mic Conway
T 18. We Are A Ragtime Army. Fahey/Conway
T 20. You Take The Tripod. Warren
T21. sod ’em all. Mic Conway
T 41. The Colonel Kicks the Major
T 43. Poor Kaiser Bill Is Ill (bawdy)
T 51. The Rose of No Man’s Land/Nose on My Old Man. Warren Fahey
T53. Hitler Has Only Got One Ball (bawdy). Fahey/Conway
T38. Latrine Duty. Mic Conway/Warren Fahey
T57 Dear Liz. Warren
T 19. My Little Wet Home In a Trench. Mic Conway
T38. When This Blasted War is Over. Fahey/Conway
T52. Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire. Warren Fahey
T54. Poor Marlene’s Boyfriend. Mic Conway
T55. Airman’s Medley. Fahey/Conway
T58. Tom Blamey’s Army. Warren Fahey
Vintage Songs
T. 12 Our Sergeant Major. George Formby
T 15. Binky Doodle I Doo. Albert Whelan (Australian music hall star)
T 50 Goodbye Uncle Adolph. Jack Cooper & Ambrose & his orchestra
T59. Little Brown Man of Japan. Hamilton Hill. music hall