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All At Sea” Australian Maritime Folklore & Songs

All At Sea” Australian Maritime Folklore & Songs

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Large ebook with hundreds of songs and stories telling the history of Australia’s link to oceans and rivers. 820 pages.

Australia, as the world’s largest island continent, is intrinsically linked to the sea and inland rivers. ‘All At Sea’ explores the Australian maritime story – convict transports, crazed gold seekers scrambling for a packet ship, emigrant settlers, the wool clipper trade and through to how Australian sculling, surfing and swimming became a national obsession. Merchant and naval sailors and maritime humour and superstitions are also covered. Fahey, a distinguished folklorist and cultural historian, has collected hundreds of songs, shanties, parodies and rare photographs to illustrate this unique and fascinating compendium.

also available as a PDF file (contact me for details $20)

available Apple Books https://books.apple.com/us/book/all-at-sea/id1239136076