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A Bit Hot Among the men of the upper ten, & I know them all completely
A Bushman's Song. I was traveling down the Castlereagh and I'm a station hand
A Life On The Diggings free A life on the diggings free
A little Bit Of Stew For Dinner. A little bit of bread for breakfast
A Long Time Ago On The Logan A long time ago on the Logan, there were blacks of all
A National Song You sons of Australia, united arise
A runner [1896 labour ditty] A runner stood at the Pearly Gates.
A Song of Victoria There's a story that rats from a ship will decamp
A Virgin of Nineteen One day as I was walking down by the Strand
Aaron & Moses Aaron and Moses went down a dark hole
Abdul. The sands of the desert and barren and bare
According To The Act. Now if you want to join an English ship
Act On The Square, Boys thro' being fond of acting right straightforward, just & fair
Adieu Lovely Nancy.
After Dark I sing of Melbourne 'after dark' of curious things we see
After Sydney's lamps Are Lit In Sydney's great city, when the lamps are
After the Ball. After the ball is over, see her take out her glass eye
All Aboard For Manly It's nice to go sailing across the blue sea
Alphabet Song. Come all wee little children, come singing while you smile
Anchor Hauling Shanty (f) when first we went a-wagoning
Anchor's Weighed (f) Anchor's weighed, the tears fall gently from her eyes
Araluen For Me There's a sweet little valley Australia can boast
At Each Gate The Shearer Stood. At the gate each shearer stood as the whistle loudly blew
Australia There's been a lot of arguments going on they say,
Australian Alphabet. A is for arsehole, all hairy and bare
Australian Dandy They may say what they like of the mountains and trees
Australian Sport They may say what they like of the mountains and trees
Australian Sport Australia has cause to be proud of her sons
Australian Emigrant's Song When the merry little Spring birds
Australia's Eleven When the first All England's Eleven
Australia's Fireman Song All praise is due to the staunch and true
Australian Maid The rose of England may be sweet
Australia's Game Football Come now, ye sturdy southern sons
Australia's Hope God bless our youthful land
Australia's Welcome To Uncle Sam there's a grand and noble fleet,
Away from Rio (f) We've a jolly good crew
The Kelly Gang. Come all you men with feeling, with regret I do unfold.