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Passenger Rules

Iron Road

Passenger Rules

The delivery of mail and parcels was of major importance to country people. The Bulletin Magazine also travelled up country by train and was readily devoured by squatters and shearers and drovers alike.

The latrines on early trains were a thing of mystery for those used to ‘dunnies’ – the Australian outback toilet.

Sign: Passengers are requested to avoid, as far as possible,
using the W.C. while the train is standing at the station.

And . . . . . . .

Passengers will refrain
From passing water while the train is at the station
If you feel you really oughta
please call the railway porter
(Quoted in Evening Star, Adelaide, 1879)

Typical railway toilet

See also the parody Please Refrain, set to the air, Humoresque.

“I was stationed in the bush in the 1950’s. The living quarters at the time was known as “tin city” consisting of rows of huts with several “ablutions blocks” scattered throughout. The ‘loos carried official signs saying  ‘Do not throw cigarette butts in urinal’. And signed ‘  by order.’

Upon returning from weekend leave we were all greatly amused to find that these signs had been replaced with equally official looking ones which read “Do not throw cigarette butts in urinal – as this makes them soggy and hard to light. And was signed , ‘By order.’
(sent to Warren Fahey 2005 via email)