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On Monday We’ve Mutton

Warren Fahey recites ‘On Monday We’ve Mutton’

On Monday We’ve Mutton


The average outback bush worker and traveller of the 19th century existed on a monotonous diet. Inland supplies relied heavily on riverboats and bullock teams and both were fraught with delays and difficulties. This poem says it all.

You may talk of the dishes o£ Paris renown,
Or for plenty through London may range,
If variety’s pleasing, oh, leave either town,
And come to the bush for a change.
On Monday we’ve mutton, with damper and tea;
On Tuesday, tea, damper and mutton,
Such dishes I’m certain all men must agree
Are fit tor peer, peasant, or glutton.
On Wednesday we’ve damper, with mutton and tea;
On Thursday tea, mutton and damper,
On Friday we’ve mutton, tea, damper, while we
With our flocks over hill and dale scamper.
Our Saturday feast may seem rather strange,
Tis of damper with tea and fine mutton;
Now surely I’ve shown you that plenty of change
In the bush, is the friendly board put on.
But no, rest assured that another fine treat
Is ready for all men on one day,
For every bushman is sure that he’ll meet
With the whole of the dishes on Sunday.