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Mr Yarrow was born in 1933 and recalled how his grandfather sang this song about the Kelly gang. He had written it down in 1956 after his grandfather had told him he had met Dan Kelly. “My late grandfather died in 1956, he knew a chap in the mid-to-late 1930s who claimed to be Dan Kelly and who lived in the Ipswich/Fernvale district. Grandfather finally believed him to be Dan Kelly although he went by the name of James Ryan”. Mr Yarrow offered that there might possibly be some additional verses to the song as his grandfather as quite old when he finally wrote down the words. A few years later I realised that this is a relative of the song as collected by John Meredith from Tom Gibbons however Tom called his – ‘Come All Young Men of Feeling’.

I had a similar quote from Swagman Jack Pobar whom I recorded in 1974 and he went as far as to describe how Dan had shown him the scars from the fire when he escaped.

The Kelly Gang


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A different version (also without the chorus) was collected by John Meredith from Tom Gibbons of Gulgong in 1956, which, oddly enough was sung to him the year Noel Yarrow’s father died.

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