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Mossy is my mother’s brother and Jean his wife. Moss played a neat ukulele and sang. Jean came from a large family and her father played piano in the London music halls and to silent films. The also had a large repertoire of 1930s and 40s popular songs.

Aaron and Moses

Aaron and Moses went down a dark hole
Aaron set light to Moses’s arsehole
Moses jumped up in a terrible fright
And said, ?Oh God blimey! My arsehole’s alight!?

The Tattooed Lady

I paid a franc to see, a French tattooed la-dy,
And right across her jaw, were the words ‘Great Anzac Corp’
And on her chest was a possum and a great big kangaroo
And on her back, a Union Jack, coloured red, white and blue.
A map of Germany , was where I couldn’t see
And right across her hips, was a line of battleships
And on her kidney, and on her kidney,
Was a bird’s eye view of Sydney
And ’round the corner, ’round the corner,
Was my home in Woolloomooloo


Today, being my birthday,
A thousand pounds I’ll give away,
On second thoughts, I think it best ?
To stick it in my old oak chest.

Plays and sings a ukulele melody of popular songs

Sings music hall song as a duet

I’m Not Going To Book You Anymore

Billy Hughes
(Tune: Mr Booze)

Billy Hughes, Oh Billy Hughes
You’re a mischief maker, Mr Hughes
Think of all the trouble you have caused in life,
Think of all the problems and think of all the strife.
Billy Hughes, Oh Billy Hughes
You’re a miscvhief maker, Mr Hughes.

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