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Tune: We’re All A Noddin
Published Melbourne and also appears as Armchair Chronicle –
SITE SOURCE: Transport


To be sung on Sundays by the visitors at Cremorne

We’re all poor travellers, trav—trav—travellers,
We’re all a travelling to the country from the town:
So come along, friend Ellis, now, just let us have a glass
To drink the health of your Cremorne in bumpers as we pass ;
For, though the Melbourne magistrates have said you mustn’t do it,
They’ve also said you must, you know, and you should keep them to it:

And we’re all travellers, &c.

This gentleman’s travelling, trav—trav—travelling,
With his wife and his family they’re travelling for their health.
He works hard all the week, and now on Sunday he would fain
Enjoy the pure and fragrant air, and the fresh green trees again:

So Ellis, serve them out some stout to wash their dinners down,
They’re faint and thirsty after travelling all the way from town:

For we’re all travellers, &c.

These young ladies are travelling, trav—trav—travelling,
With their sweethearts they’re travelling for love and change of air.
See how the light of innocence in their clear eyes reposes,
And how the dust has. settled down upon their cheeks and noses;
They’ve travelled by a weary road—are choking, thirsty, very,—
They can’t drink lemonade alone—come, just one glass of sherry:

For we’re all travellere,..&c.

We’re all a travelling, trav—trav—travelling,
We’re all a travelling, sir, so let us have a drain:
You need’nt fear that we would peach though you should transgress the Law,
We like justice more than any law that ever yet we saw;
Besides, it has been settled by the District Bench, you know,
That travelers never from your doors unentertained should go;

And we’re all travellers, &c.

We’re all travellers, trav—trav—travellers,
We’re all a travelling to the country from the town
So now, throw open wide the gates—Cremorne’s restored at last
To accommodate the travelers that come so thick and fast;
Travellers from Hawthorne, Prahran, Richmond, Collingwood, Mid over the way,
Travellers that are travelers for the sake of being able to say
We’re all travellers, trav—trav—travelers,
We’re all travellers, so turn us not away.