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See the colours I have here,
To colonial hearts so dear—
Australia’s colours! —our late oarsman’s, too—
For our oarsman, dead and gone,
With great brilliancy has shone,

He was upright as an oarsman, staunch and true
In this weary life of toil,
In life’s trouble and turmoil,
His good qualities how fondly we’ll unfurl.
He was both our boast and pride—
This Australian lad who died—
Australia’s champion oarsman, Henry Searle.

Not alone the Southern Cross,
But the whole world mourn the loss
Of the very greatest oarsman that drew breath—-
Who with firm and steady grip—
Ably held the championship
Till he met that universal conqueror, Death!
Who came in with cruel hand,
Causing sorrow in our land—
But our lov’d one’s name with honour we’ll entwine,
For, alas! he’s dead and gone,
And all nations sadly mourn
Australia’s champion oarsman, Henry Searle.

Here before our very eyes
Famous champions will arise;
As to who will wear the mantle laid aside,
But we only know too well,
There’ll be no one to excel
Our dear Australian sculler who just died.