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source: By Fred Bluett.
Tune: Hold Your hand Out Naughty Boy
Imperial Songster 1909


One evening at the hotel Tea & Toast
I was there, I declare
I went to have some supper with the host
So I ordered up a penny saveloy
And when they brought it up it looked a treat
Full of meat, nice and sweet
When I put that thing away
There was something seemed to say
You’ll be sorry, let us pray, saveloy
Saveloy, I thought I saw you breathing
Saveloy, you’re skin you’ll soon be leaving
When you are lying on the coffee stall
Saveloy, you naughty boy
Last night I saw you walking
In my sleep I thought I heard you talking
Saveloy, ship ahoy, you’re a naughty boy
Nasty, dirty little saveloy.