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I used three main ways of collecting war cries and school songs. Although I was primarily collecting Sydney items it became obvious that I should take a national sample. Commenced April 2005

(1) Email lists


I used the following email request sending it to as many lists as possible.

As part of my two-year project to survey the folklore associated with Sydney I am currently collecting Australian school ‘cries’ and songs. This program is sponsored by the Music Board and the Australian Council for the Arts and the City of Sydney.

I would really appreciate it if YOU could email me YOUR school song and School ‘war cry’ – wherever you lived.

Mine was a crazily mixed up:

Kiora, Kiora, Kiyanni Kiyanni,
Kianni Kiora, Kiarni, Katoo,
Hoopintire Hoopintire
Kotora, Kotora, Kianni Kattii
K O G A R A H – Kogarah!

And another request for those of you who are really keen – I’d like you to list the names of the games you played in the schoolyard all those years ago. Like Cocky Lora etc

Email allowed me to open a dialogue with contributors and explore certain areas of their songs. It was interesting to see how many people passed the request on to their friends.

(2) ABC Radio interviews


To date I have had interviews on ABC Canberra, Perth and Tasmania with Sydney to come. The Tasmanian interview was also a talkback (which they kindly recorded on disc for me). Talkback certainly encourages more contributions and is an effective way of communicating with a community at large.

(3) Print media requests


Metropolitan newspapers often carry free public service columns. I had requests published in the Sydney Morning herald and Sydney Daily Telegraph.