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Warren Fahey Photographic Gallery

Young Wazza with niece, Amanda, and dad, George.
Mark Cavanagh, Melissa Hoyer, Jill Waddy and Captain Wazza in Montenegro.
Title says it all. After all those years together
2019 Artistic Director, Sydney Folk Festival.
At the Moreton Bay Folk Festival in seventies.
At Ben & Tim’s wedding, Gundagai, 2020
Sandwiched between Bogan Bingo and Eric Bogle
Second row, third from left.
The first members of The Larrikins late sixties. Wow! Flared trousers.
Performing for John Coburn’s illustrious 90th birthday. He sang along!
On a cruise engagement. This one in Monaco.
Milford Sound on Seabourn
Potts Point’s Llankelly Place (with Adrian Bartels)
An early Larrikin show with Brad and Sandy tate, Tony Suttor.
Celebrating Australian Art – Open Weekend 2012 with Mark Oats, Clare O’Meara and Marcus Holden
Milford Sound – a wonderful experience
Dubious NZ accommodation?
The Larrikins – a rare line-up Dave de Hugard, Cathie O’Sullivan, Declan Affley, Jacko Kevans and Warren on tea chest bass.
Warren’s best impersonation of Peter Sellers!
Yes, that’s me at a folk picnic in the sixties. We were impersonating Les Darcy’s great boxing fight. Gawd, my skinny legs!
Warren as Banjo Paterson