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Larrikin Music was established in 1976 to represent the song publishing of the label’s roster which included Eric Bogle.




Warren Fahey had heard of Eric Bogle’s songwriting before he actually met the man himself. At the time Eric was living in Canberra where he worked as an auditor.

After releasing ‘Now I’m Easy‘ – Eric’s first Larrikin album – it became obvious that Eric’s songs were destined to travel far and wide. Publishing is a difficult industry and especially in the 1970s fractured music world. As a publisher we were charged with collecting royalties from recordings of Eric’s works and, especially after the availability of the album, collecting from overseas and local covers. Some notable singers recorded Eric’s work (and continue to do so) including June Tabor, The Dubliners, Slim Dusty, John Williamson plus a lot of artists we had never heard of.


Chasing up these companies was a nightmare and an almost impossible task for an independent publisher so, in 1988, Larrikin Music was sold to Music Sales Australia for worldwide representation.


Here is the very first and very last sheet music issued by Larrikin Music before the sale to Music Sales. It has since been reprinted many times including a new, more appropriate, cover design.


Eric Bogle continues his association with Warren Fahey to this day. Eric’s albums are still represented by Warren through his Rouseabout Record label. 2010 is the 36th year of this partnersghip – surely a record for the music industry!