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Larrikin LPs and singles


Here are the various Larrikin LPs that I have given to the National Library of Australia.
It is far from being the definitive Larrikin list but I am working on it.

Larrikin LPs

private press n/a harry cotter of binalong. Traditional musician harry cotter traditional
larrikin lrf012 outskirts of town jim jarvis contempoary
larrikin lrf122 bullants in bushland (john kane/byran berline) chris duffy acoustic
larrikin lrf168 ambidexturous chris duffy acoustic
larrikin lrm124 left keep left black diamond corner political
larrikin lrf105 piddling pete and the crossed eyed bull ted simpson bush poet
philo ph1014 the water lily. Songs of henry lawson pricilla herdman folk
festival l36045 margret roadknight/girls of our town margret roadknight blues
manhattan lrm124 street songs of old england (extremely rare) a.l.lloyd traditional
celtic music cm004 now I’m easy. Uk release. Signed eric bogle contemporary
trans/oz tra337 swarbrick with airport (Oz tour 1977) dave swarbrick folk
larrikin lrf093 first exchange currency bush band
larrikin lrg094 glebe tactics cont rock
larrikin lrf109 two up. Songs of lyell sayer/clem parkinson sayer/parkinson contemporary
larrikin lrf056 guitar down under: John Kane/Gordon McIntyre etc various guitar
larrikin lrf146 victoria street lyell sayer contemporary
larrikin lrf141 ride on down this road john williams country
larrikin lrf134 so u want blood? jeanne lewis contemporary
larrikin lrf132 irish songs raglan road celtic oz
larrikin lrf203 never underestimate the power of a song various political
larrikin lrf201 hiccups conway brothers jug band
larrikin lrj131 harbour crossing: music of david fennel kerrie biddell jazz
larrikin lrd202 larrikin history of australia the larrikins bush
larrikin lrf220 something of value eric bogle contemporary
larrikin aias11 traditional music of torres strait traditional indigenous
larrikin aias15 modern music of torres strait traditional indigenous
larrikin aias7 songs from yarrabah trad indigenous
private press ll001 le ends: original artists at the Loft various contemporary
restless rrp012 birchgrove quay davis/illot contemporary
larrikin/axis 1227 bushwackers and cityslickers various bush
larrikin lrf136 a garland for sally sally sloane traditional
trans tra115 when dalliance was in flower and maidens lost their heads. ed mccurdy bawdry
ode sode124 our lives together (NZ artist) doug eckert acoustic
private n/a live at the octagan theatre bernard carney contemporary
axis/larrikin ax1154 bushwackers and city slickers various bush
private n/a werner frey plays zithers. German werner frey zither
larrikin lrf001 man of the earth: traditional mining songs the larrikins folk
aias aias7 songs of yarrabah various indigenous
ais aias001/5 songs of northern territory various indigenous
telmak/larrikin n/a bunyips bunnies and brumbies mike jackson kids
larrikin lrd901/2 while the billy boils the larrikins bush
cbs n/a the springtime it brings on the shearing gary shearston bush
larrikin lrf041 now I’m easy eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf005 chimbu songs of papua new guinea various indigenous
larrikin lrf030 papua new guinea pigeon english songs blasius to una indigenous
larrikin lrf013 traditional music gazelle peninsula PNG various indigenous
viking slc158 swags to riches: canterbury bush band phil garland bush
private yprx1584 actu: achievement 1978 (don henderson songs) various political
larrikin lrf009 navvy on the line: australian railway songs The Larrikins folk
larrikin lrf149 burning sleepers shearer’s nightmare bush
custom abc/smh australia’s musical heriatge declan affley etc various
fellside fe074 old australian ways gerry hallan bush folk
fellside fe036 a run a minute gerry hallan bush folk
larrikin lrf055 bluesmakers” margret roadknight/dutch tilders   blues
larrikin lrf186 sing the spirit home eric bogle contemporary
n/a n/a sing the spirit home eric bogle contemporary
n/a n/a sing the spirit home eric bogle contemporary
larrikin/fest l30413 voices in the wilderness eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf204 more than a sentimental bloke john derum bush poetry
larrikin lrf166 look out below flying emus bluegrass
larrikin lrf127 andanzas: chilean resistance songs papolote etc political
larrikin lrf050 game as ned kelly various bush
larrikin lrf017 on my selection phyl lobl contemporary
larrikin lrf131 phelan’s magic picture show jim taylor acoustic
larrikin lrf230 uluru rank strangers bluegrass
larrikin lrf159 limejuice & vinegar: aust sea songs and shanties the larrikins folk
larrikin/elephant n/a bunyips bunnies and brumbies. Canadian release mike jackson kids
larrikin lrf019 the shearer’s dream the bushwackers bush
custom crged1 the breathalyser rob & meaka country ep
custom crgs1 the dunny out the back leon lowes country ep
larrikin lrf104 scraps of paper eric bogle contemporary
larrikin/flying fish scraps of paper eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf144 when the wind blows eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf052 patchwork mike jackson acoustic
emi/larrikin oex9631 glenrowan to the gulf wild colonial boys bush
larrikin lrf101 the roaring days: songs of henry lawson mike jackson folk
larrikin lrf173 songs from the goldrush franklyn b paverty bush
larrikin/sonet uk n/a singing the spirit home eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf112 freedom on the wallaby dave de hugard bush
custom tms012 songs from a buskers bag ian white bush
larrikin lrf161 passage of time bernard bolan contemporary
larrikin lrf137 christy cooney’s brew christy cooney celtic ox
larrikin lrf016 revived and relieved spooner/mcintyre folk
larrikin lrf224 high road to glory austin durack folk
larrikin lrf007 bush traditions: filed recordings of warren fahey various traditional
larrikin/festival n/a ain’t it great to be crazy mike jackson kids
larrikin lrf038 no man’s land denis tracey folk
larrikin lrf214 australian accent home rule bush
larrikin lrb074 the four dragons anne infante contemporary
larrikin lrf058 party pieces bob hudson contemporary
larrikin lrf079 compromise kid john summers contemporary
larrikin lrf018 steamshuttle steamshuttle bush fusion
larrikin lrd011 country music in australia retrospective various double country history 3
larrikin lrf021 the long paddock reg poole country
custom yprx2030 on for young and old, rouseabouts bush band rouseabout band bush
custom 16/200 jew’s harp and sydney traffic soundscape g. christmann ambient
w&G 25/5006 the legend that is lawson (the bandicoot band) john manifold bush
larrikin lrf022 the springtime it brings in the shearing gary shearston bush
larrikin lrf026 country radio request vol 2 various historic
custom n/a songs of edgar penzig. Signed dell dudenhoeffer contemporary
missing link link24 southern lightning rock
nz cfr015 sailor songs and shanties mike stanley folk
larrikin lrf032 hot blast maccoll nd seeger political
larrikin lrb075 bless all moonshiners the moonshiners celtic oz
larrikin lrf027 wild girl in the heart robyn archer contemporary
larrikin lrg119 dingo girl various stage show
larrkin lrf227 music deli: off the air various world
cbs bp233186 australian broadside gary shearston folk
cbs bp233288 bolters bushrangers and duffers gary shearston bush
topic 12ts203 great australian legend a l lloyd etc bush
trans tlp1026 blow boys blow lloyd/maccoll folk
custom mlr468 the dreamtime show toni & royce kids
custom lacf141 paul & collen trenwith with anne kirkpatrick trenwiths bluegrass
blackthorne n/a saturady night at the bull and mouth macccoll/seeger folk
larrikin/blackthorne cold snap macccoll/seeger political
larrikin lrf096 evening dream ragas madigan/manning world
larrikin lrf158 magpie in the wattle dave de hugard bush
j&B australian high seas full sail various folk
custom rvcp10 captain moonlight captain moonlight celtic oz
larrikin/festival 27115 playmates mike jackson kids
custom pd001 billabongs and blarney stones phil dye celtic oz
larrikin lrb088 the great australian salute cyril may/fabulous jack country
sonet single singing the spirit home (special single) eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf037 if you don’t fight you loose redgum political
emi osx7643 bushranger ballads smoky dawson country
score pol038 a wench a whale and a pint of ale spooner/mcintyre folk
larrikin lrf047 artesian waters cathie o’sullivan folk
alberts scx07730 the first hundred years alex hood bush
larrikin lrf015 on the steps of the dole office door various folk
usa tc1142 folksongs of britain vol 1/lomax & kennedy various folk
uk clp1327 a jug of punch: shirley collins, jimmy mcbeath, copper family etc folk
usa wlp727 british and american murder ballads paul clayton folk
custom n/a traitor’s gate folk club 5 years on.. various folk
custom pop260540/2 a touch of nostalgia various theatrical
custom   songs and poems of australia: chips rafferty/leanard teale etc poetry
larrikin lrf194 sun and shadow frances paterson contemporary
wattle 10″ 2 track bullockie’s ball/nine miles from gundagai bushwackers bush
wattle lp traditional singers of victoria 9no cover) various traditional
wattle lp traditional singers of victoria various traditional
sandstock ssm036 all around down under wyndham read/spooner folk
regal g7453 call of the drum/great little army (concertina solo) rarity concertina
larrikin lrf183 summerhaze cathie o’sullivan folk
crafty cmm001 a natural selection judy small contemporary
larrikin lrf028 billy of tea the larrikins bush
larrikin lrf009 navvy on the line the larrikins bush
custom n/a direct to disc studio recording. Limited edition john summers contemporary
non commercial release n/a abc double jay compile ‘long live the evolution’ various rock
custom n/a the cetic inheritance declan affley/fitzgeralds celtic oz
nz slc87 down a country road/ shearing songs phil garland bush
larrikin ltf118 seven creeks run various bush
rca l101610 folk concert on campus/ declan affley, paul marks, jean lewis/marian henderson folk
mbs mbs15 2cd ryder round folk various folk
sandstock ssm029 happy we’ve been together reel tradition celtic oz
topic 12ts437 when the wind blows. Uk pressing eric bogle contemporary
larrikin lrf304 no ytme lyke the present maccoll/seeger contemporary
larrikin lrk129 country blues guitar various usa acoustic
larrikin lrk103 thunder on the run stef grossman acoustic
larrikin lrk305 art of blues harmonica charlie musslewhite acoustic
sandstock ssm018 dances and airs roger hargreaves celtic oz
custom n/a workers in the field; chris kempster, bob and marg fagan, marg walters etc political
emi custom n/a the sentimental bloke (with readers notes) peter o’shaughnessy poetry
custom yprx2177 times I’ve tasted bob sharp contemporary
larrikin lrf116 windmill run facial expressions contemporary
larrikin lrf121 stand by your man geraldine dolye celtic oz
larrikin lrf205 the one that got away toni & royce folk
cassette jck92cs2 all this spirit in the land kimberley aborigines traditional
cassette jck93cd3 walking along the edge kimberley aborigines contemporary

Larrikin singles

lrs062 french song john ewbank
lrs014 didgeridu solo wandjuk marika
lrs989 I think I’m drunk again john singleton
lrs990 new vaudeville conway bros
lrs036 basingstokes bernard bolan
riss014 power at our fingertips/united trades & labour council black diamond corner
riss001 leather boys wayne harris
coad1 tamworth country living peter coad