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Labour History & Unionism What I Think of Australia

source: Australian Melodist No 20

Mitchell library 784.8/A

By Pat Finn

SITE SOURCE: Labour History


I sing of Australia, that dear little land,
Whose name is in everyone’s mouth—
A land, simply grand, for you must understand
That all eyes are now turned towards the South;
For lately Australia has come with a bound,
While the whole world has watched her career,
Till together on all sides a chorus is cried—
Oh I Australia has nothing to fear.

I sing of that land called Australia,
That spot that is ne’er known to failure;
Fame and name she has won,
And stands second to none,
That dear little country, Australia.

To the dockmen of London, Australia sent aid,
In a manner that caused some surprise,
For her princely subscriptions all over the world
Widely opened the whole of their eyes;

For the workman of England she grasped by the hand,
Besides bidding him be of good cheer;
Then no wonder we hear it proclaimed far and wide
That Australia has nothing to fear.

I sing of that land, etc.

Out here in Australia the people, I find,
Like the Yankees, are on the alert;
And here in Australia the people don’t treat
The poor working man as though dirt.
No, the cornstalk has made it a very strong point
To see that they all have fair play,
And the poorest and meanest she has in her midst
Must only work eight hours a day.

I sing of that land, etc.

In cricket Australia shines brilliantly out,
And her doings we boldly unfurl;
In rowing—well, let me but mention three names,
Kemp, Beach, and dear dead-and-gone Searle.
May Australia the championship ever retain ;
May she keep it for many a year,
For it matters but little what champions arise—
Oh! Australia has nothing to fear.

I sing of that land, etc.

Of her Smiths and her Mitchells old England may sing
Both their praises again and again,
And the land of the star-spangled banner may bring ‘,
Forth her Sullivans—aye, and Kilrain.
Still, Australia has two stalwart sons of her own,
Two lads whom she holds very dear,
For with Slavin or Jackson both stripped in the ring–
Oh! Australia has nothing to fear.

I sing of that land, etc;