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Labour History & Unionism Union to the Core

April 25. 1891
By The Dipsomaniac
SITE SOURCE: Labour History


We are shearers, and not wealthy;
We have little in our store;
But our hearts are true and healthy,
We are union to the core.
Now, the Saviour’s Twelve Apostles
Found a blackleg in their crew;
So, when we first came to jostles,
We found blacklegs with us, too.

But let scabs and blacklegs falter,
And let squatters’ gatlings roar,
True to Truth, we cannot alter –
We are union to the core.

When the ‘Cove’ got round some fellows,
We implored ’em, there and then,
Not to show white-livered bellows,
But to act like sterling men.
Then one said – “It’s easy blowing,
But our sugar’s fairly spent,
So we won’t work if it’s going,
For we’re stumped of every cent.”

Then we tossed along our ‘pooches’,
And we swore to see ’em through;
And they meekly turned, like ‘moocheys’,
And behind the sogers drew.
Once again we passed the forces,
Chancing all to save ’em, swore –
“Why we’ll give you up our horses!
Can a bushman offer more?”

As a nigger loves his ‘gunny’,
As a bookie loves the course,
As a miser loves his money,
So a bushman loves his horse!
Yet, to help the Union Forces
(They have always had our store),
Why, we’d even give our horses!
For we’re Union to the core.