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Labour History & Unionism The Union Of The People

undated manuscript in the Mitchell Library.

By C. Drake
Tune: Marching Through Georgia

SITE SOURCE: Labour History

The Union Of The People

Sound the unions’ cry over sea and land,
See the swarthy workers gather in a band,
Labor’s ranks are dosing, united we wffl stand
Till the union is won for the people.

Hurrah, hurrah, well shout for victory,
Hurrah, hurrah, for labor’s jubilee
The union shall triumph by land as well as sea,
The union shall conquer for the free.

Clear the way for action—everyone must be
Faithful to our leaders who fight for victory.
Let our glorious watch-word echo for the free,
The union gives strength to the people.

Union men are gathering ready for the fray,
See the light is breaking, darkness turns to day,
Sacred rights of capital, so the parsons say,
Are perilled by the union of the people.

Traitors to the people’s cause may bluster and may blow
Out at next election, neck and crop they go,
We with paper bullets may lay the skiters low,
And reform by the union of the people.

Remember in the Council and Assembly too,
Foes were in abundance, friends were also few,
Le Favre and Maloney with Trenwith tried and true
With Carter gave their voices to the people.

Price may bid the troopers let your bullets tell,
Treat your working brothers like foes if they rebel,
Lay them out disturbers, think of this and well,
Fight for the union of the people.

Hardwood, with his judgment, sways the minds of men,
Hancock leads in counsel, Bennett with his pen,
Murphy in the struggle, does the work of ten,
These champion the union of the people.

To the eight-hour’s banner none shall prove untrue,
Each Australian worker keeps our flag in view,
Hark our wives and children, tell us what to do,
The union is the charter of the people.