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Labour History & Unionism Ten Little Kanaka Boys

Tune: Ten Green Bottles
SITE SOURCE: Labour History

Ten Little Kanaka Boys

Ten little kanaka boys were up-ending pine,
One fell quite 70 feet and then there were nine.

Nine little kanaka boys had to lift more weight,
One couldn’t lift enough and then there were eight.

Eight little kanaka boys sweating like eleven,
One melted right away and then there were seven.

Seven little kanaka boys boosting up big sucks,
One boy got crushed to death and then there were six.

Six little kanaka boys made an extra strive,
One bust his vitals up and so there were five.

Five little kanaka boys said they’d work no more,
Missionary killed one and then there were four.

Four little kanaka boys climbing up a tree,
One tumbled down and so there were three.

Three little kanaka boys bacca quidsLabour History & Unionism would chew,
One died on chewsday and so there were two.

Two little kanaka boys met young Morrison,
And somehow or other that left only one.

One little kanaka boy stripped of every penny,
Soon became a convert so there wasn’t any.

Civilised ex-kanaka boy took a convert wife,
Loved his rum and Bible, lived a convert’s life.

Civilised young couple breeded brats galore,
Soon raised a family of ten kanakas more.