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Labour History & Unionism Charlie Sullivan

Source: Microfilm
Charles died in 1942 and the following handwritten poem was written by him to celebrate the death of the Union’s Secretary and Tim Sullivan changed the name to Charles as a dedication.
Feb 1865

SITE SOURCE: Labour History

Charlie Sullivan. The Number One Ticket Holder

Charlie Sullivan is dead,
Put down by the ringer, King Death,
His stone is all broken,
His shears are all gaped,
His oil stone is worn out and wet.

He never was one to look down on a chap,
No matter his country or creed,
He would always part up, tucker or nap,
And was good for a pipeful of weed.

His soul is not lost,
It belongs to the Union,
May he get a good cut,
Now the river he has crossed,
And his union ticket be good over there.