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This shearer’s lament was told to me when I was learning to shear about 16 years ago. It’s a bit rough in places but you may be able to use it. Some of the terms used may not be fully understood nowadays.

The Shearer’s Lament


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Ian also recalled a few lines from another classic bawdy piece.
There is some thought that this parody on Henry Lawson’s ‘Captain of the Push’ was actually written by Lawson himself. For those interested in classic Australian bawdry and, quite possibly, the foulest curse ever uttered, I recommend you seek out the complete poem. Unfortunately, other than a few lines here and there, I have never been successful in collecting a full text.

Bastard From the Bush

There’s a stranger in our midst,
Cried the leader of the push,
Well, fuck me dead!
It’s Foreskin Fred,
The bastard from the bush.

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