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BOX 7 SERIES 1 1 – 15



Plastic folder: framed memo from Harry M Miller. Signed 1974

Framed caricature of WF by Mick Joffe 1988

Wood and metal award made to WF as Prez of the Paddington Chamber of Commerce and presented as part of the Bicentennial for the Main Street project.

1. Folder of letters and clippings related to the publication of ‘Eureka – The Songs That Made Australia’. This book was fist published by Omnibus and then reprinted as ‘The Songs That Made Australia’ with a new cover by Harper Collins.


2. FOLDER: letters and clippings related to the publication of ‘The Balls of Bob Menzies’ 1987. Includes author’s national tour itinerary for Harper Collins and the launch invitation to media (by Hon Jim McClelland)
Letter from songwriter and activist, Don Henderson.

First draft of a stage presentation based on the book.
WF bio sheet that accompanied the book to media.

3. Documents pertaining to publication of ‘When Mabel Laid The Table’ (a social history of eating & drinking in Australia) published by State Library of NSW Press
Colour print of cover
Author’s talk notes for presentations based on book
Sample royalty report

4. Documents related to the publication of ‘Diggers’ Songs’ (Australian Military History Press)
Letters to AMHP, press release and list of invitees to launch.
Letters from Ken Clift (author), Commander manning RAN, Graham Seal, Ron Edwards and Rupert Goodman Plus various contributor letters.
Author’s talk notes and list of songs performed
Article by author ‘The Songs The Diggers really Sang’
‘Ratbags & Rabblerousers’ (published 2001 Currency Press), an updated version of ‘Balls of Bob Menzies’ taking the survey from 1901-2000. Colour cover for promotion and accompanying flyer.


5. PLASTIC WALLET: George Patrick Fahey (father) ‘Australian Soldier’s Pocket Book’
WF original membership book for the Youth Hostels Association of NSW showing Australian hostel visit stamps from 1964-1973
WF 1980 International Certificate of Vaccination
Invitation to the 1st Annual Paddy Pallin Address 1995 (from YHA).

6. Copy of Warren Fahey’s citation when declared ‘Republican of the Year’. 1987. Presented Citizens for Democracy.
Letter from Premier of NSW regarding Bicentennial Celebrations.
Kit and letter from the Advance Australia Award Committee advising WF’s 1988 award.
Certificate from the Mo Awards 1993.


7. Red Folder – various letters of congratulations on WF’s Order of Australia 1997
Various documents related to above.

8. Letter from Australia Gallery, Sydney and copy of Kerrie Lester retro with notes by WF 1999
Letter of reference from Newcastle technical College Union on WF’s departure as Activities Officer.

9. Various WF press cuttings: social, political, international. Including Paddington where WF was Prez of the Chamber of Commerce for over a decade and initiated Australia’s fist main Street project.


10. A copy of ‘Sydney magazine’ featuring a column by WF

CLIPPING: article on Woolloomoooloo Wharf’s history by Wf for Vogue Entertainment & Travel
Various Heckler columns for Sydney Morning Herald.

11. Script Program 16 of ‘While The Billy Boils’ produced by WF for ABC RN

12. Script ‘The Folklore of Sport in Australia’ (for 8th National Folk Festival) 1974

13. Signed letter from Joy McKean with questions and answers by Slim Dusty and used by WF in writing the singers life story for the 5CD EMI Box set 2000

14. WF’s blood doner card 1965-67
Play the Game – a WW1 poem sent to WF
WF’s first business card when Activities Officer at the Students Union, Tighes Hill Technical College. Newcastle 1967/8

BLACK FOLDER: various articles by Wf for BRW, Vogue, Harpers bazaar magazine etc

15.FILE. Photographs of John Dengate and Brendan Frost (ABC producer) with WF at launch of Ratbags & Rabblerousers in Hyde Park.

Photo of WF at launch of Diggers at City of Sydney RSL.
Daily Tele article by WF on The Domain
1932 Reunion Dinner 1932 of Terrigal Cheerios and SS Layoff Girls. Signed.
Jack Keatings Ballroom novelty card.