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Being books related to folklore and especially publications that appear not to have been registered. Many are custom published and some are international publications that include important Australian references.

Plastic: ‘Freedom Songs’ published by Eureka Youth League circa early 1960s. North Melbourne

Combined University Songbook pub. H J R Dutton of NSW Uni Union.

Songs of People’s Struggles song book circa 1960s

Mongrel melodies 56 parodies by Greg Snook 1997 private press
Mongrel melodies Vol 2 intro and signed by WF

Our Bloodstained Past. Larry Dulhunty 1984 ‘Factual Australiana’. Larry was a songwriter, stockwhip and pistol showman and also ‘observer’ of Australian society.

The Flute Player 1988. private press. Australian tunes.


Australian Traditional Songs for hammered dulcimer, autoharp and fiddle by Mary Schneider.
Printed USA 1985

Australia in Black & White. 1994. Geoff Hendrick on country music

Musical Traditions Magazine 1983 with review of recording ‘Bush Traditions’ LRF007

Six Australian Bush Songs by Richard Bayliss. Printed in UK.


Field & Farrow – songs of farm and work. EFDSS 1968 edited Tony Wales.

Sydney University Song Book (Quack Quack). These rare publications had coloured covers and contained songs, parodies and jokes pertaining to university life. Issues 1949, 1948, 1931, 1932 and 1930.


Melbourne Ward’s Legends of the Mountains. Published in Medlow Bath, Katoomba. Mel was a real ‘identity’ in the area and a self-professed expert on Aboriginal myths. He appeared on early TV and published small pocket books like this one.


Little Souvenir Book of Mountain Verse. Eileen Simpson. I believe Eileen was Mel Ward’s partner (or wife) and they both operated a small craft gallery at the Three Sisters where mel talked about Aboriginal life in the area.


Notes on Music. Ross Welsh 1985. Private press with musing on music.

When the Whistle Blows. Songs of early feminist songwriter, Sue Edmonds, and published privately by Coalition on Employed Project, Wollongong.


The Life & Songs of George ‘Pop’ Maynard. Collected by Ken Stubbs. 1968 EFDSS

Journal of the EFDSS 1959

English Folk Songs. Ralph Vaughan Williams. EFDSS mid 1960s.

Broadside King Song Book. Custom press. Circa late 1960s

Come For To Sing magazine USA Vol 8 No 3 1982 with various Australian songs published and an interview with Martyn Wyndham Read on Australian music.

Come For to Sing magazine Vol 9/3 with Aust. article by Kel Watkins.

Musical Traditions Magazine UK Mag 6 (1986) and 4 (1985)
Small private publication for folklorists.

Folk Roots Magazine UK 1995 with Australian content.

Sing Out magazine USA 1985/1987 Vol 35/1

Isis in Search. Book by Joan Mas 1966. poetry.

The Return of Will ‘O the Wisp. Compilation of rural verse Fumma District.

Monash Bushwalking Club Song Book. 1972. Signed copy No 9.

Honi Soit Song Book 1955 edited by Chris Ringstrad and Brian Hennessy

Commonwealth Bank Ex Servicemen’s Dinner reunion at Hotel Wentworth. 1935. menu

Eastern Suburbs Sailor’s and Soldier’s 23rd annual dinner, Bondi, 1951 menu card signed by some of the members.

Argo catalogue. Short-lived and important UK folk label. 1971

EFDSS journal 1956

American Folklore Society program and abstracts for 1976 convention where WF was first Australian delegate.

Hobble Chains, Bullock Drays & Beyond. 1972. Osborne Davis, Mittagong. Strange book about Unidentified Flying Objects.

Songs from Papua New Guinea. 1975. Accompanies recording of same name (in Larrikin LP collection)

Sheet music: wattle Blossom Maid by Helen l Daw.

Folder: Historian Michael Cannon’s chart of Immigration to Australia. Sent to WF by Cannon.

1. Green Folder: containing assorted sheet music including ‘The Bonzer Boys from Aussie’ and ‘It is the Men’
2. Folder: Click Go the Shears sheet music by John Meredith and arranged Alfred Hill.
3. ‘With the Dinkums’ No 1. 1918. by Private Fred Knowles.

Raemakers cartoon book. Uk. Wartime images. 1916.

‘Bobby I Hardly Knew You’. signed copy of John Quiggen’s book of original political songs.

Anyone Can Play. Book. Songs of Tim Guster

Lyrebirds, Coots & Cockatoos. Vol 2. compile of original songs from residents of Monaro district.

Green folder: Joy Durst Songbook in original 1970s cover. Joy was an early member of the folklore collecting project in Victoria and worked with Norm O’Connor.


Plastic: Joy Durst Folio No 1 and 3. these were published separately from above.

Brown folder of assorted sheet music including Snake Gully Swagger and songs by Florrie Ford (Music Hall) and Elsa Stralia (Popular music)