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Warren Fahey started to collect Australian folklore almost immediately he became interested in the folk revival in the late nineteen fifties. At first it was an unconscious hobby however, in the early nineteen sixties, he planned a more organised program and established the Australian Folklore Unit. He undertook a twelve month field collecting trip in the early seventies where he taped songs, stories, poems and music in NSW, Queensland and Victoria and these tapes are housed in the NLA. As a performer he performed in all States and continued his collecting work. He continues to collect, especially by correspondence, and in 2004 he embarked on a two year program to collect the folklore associated with Sydney as a city. His folklore findings are published in books and broadcast in radio and television programming. His early collecting was assisted by the Australia Council, Myer Foundation, Ian Potter Foundation, ABC and the NLA. His present work is assisted by the City of Sydney, Latent Image Films and the State library of NSW. The NLA is also participating and assisting his current work.


Nine plastic folders of Xerox folklore collected 1978 – 1996 and assembled in categories as follows:

* Have a Nice Day: because everyone wants to screw you
* The Elbow Bender’s Art
* Age Shall Not Weary Them
* Twisted Cartoons
* Life: be in it
* Fill in the Form and Follow the Dotted Line
* A Woman’s Work
* It’s A Male Thing
* Man’s Best Friend: the car
* The Boss Is An Arsehole
* The Unknown Pervert
* At Your Service
* Boy, Was I Drunk Last night
* Make a List
* Hit any Button to Continue
* Season’s Greeting
* Notice to All Staff
* You Ugly Mug

* 1 x Folder (plastic) containing essay by WF on Xerox Lore. Never published. Essay relates to this collection and general Xerox lore. As far as collector knows this is the largest such sampling of this particular lore.

1. File of internal folk correspondence from 1976 including letters to/from folklorists and informants:
* Shirley Andrews (dance historian)
* Colin McJannett (folklore collector)
* Geoff Wills (Union Records)
* Bob Michell (folklore collector)
* Ron Edwards (folklorist)
* Ram’s Skull Press (folklore press)
* The Bushwackers (performers)
* Sally Sloan (traditional singer)
* Brad Tate (folklore collector)
* Jan Wositsky (original Bushwacker member)
* Wendy Lowenstein (folklore writer/oral historian)

2. File of collected ‘Chain letters’ 1985-1990

3. A series of articles by WF on folklore

Review article for Labour History on John Meredith’s ‘Wild Colonial Boy’ (Red Rooster Press).

Article WF ‘Music From The Back Paddocks’
Article ‘The Song is (hopefully) Mightier Than The Sword’
Article: The Guitar in Australia
Article: Graffiti as folklore
Article: Where Do Astronauts Go On Their Holidays?

Letter re Australian Folklore magazine/Prof John Ryan

List of dated books on Australian folklore

4. membership application form for Australian Folk Association

5. File on Ralph The Rover. Poems. (Ralph Coverlid, Rutherglen). Sent to WF in 1977


6. Union list of NLA collection as at 1972


7. Complete file of yarns. 1994. Contains many letters with yarns sent to WF as part of the 2BL Great Aussie Yarn contest.

8. Roneoed early reminiscences “The Wimmera and Mallee’ by Robert Staplethorpe (born 1855) written 1925. sent to WF by family.


9. folio ‘Working Class Songs’ as sung by the Sydney Trade Union Club Singing Group’

10. Graham seal’s collection of WW1 songs and lore with accompanying letter to WF

11. The story

12. Two extremely rare custom 33.3 rpm (1960s) recordings on Mutual Records and featuring the music of Mike Leyden. Leyden was a musical collaborator with many left-wing artists including Dorothy Hewett with whom he composed ‘Weevils In the Flour’.
Songs on discs:
* The Chessboard of Vietnam
* Peace, Bread and Roses (Chris Shaw)
* Verwoed They Cry
* Time to be Singing (Jeannie Lewis)
* Banks of Newfoundland (Ken Raffe)
* Brother, Raise Your voices (Graham Turner)
* Long Time Ago (The Young Folk)
* Shadows on the wall (Jeannie Lewis)
* Sweet Song For Kate (Dick Hackett/the Singing Wharfie)
* Atomic lullaby ( Chris Shaw0
* Art Ban (Dick Hackett/The Singing Wharfie)
* Weevils In The Flour (Ken Raffe)

13. Australian Folk Trust newsletter 1988

Australian Folklore Society Journal 1988 with Ron Edwards letter to Hugh Anderson.

Letter from Pamela Rosenberg Australian Folk Trust 1988

Program of the Australian Folk Trust National Folklore Conference 1988 signed by Ron Edwards

Letter from Ron Edwrads with outline of Australian Folklore Society 1979

2nd national Folklore Conference program, Lindfield, NSW 1986

14. 1983 reprint ‘The Future of American Folklore Studies’ edited by Jeanne Harrah-Conforth and Thomas Walker. Signed by Alan jabbour who went on to become the Executive Director of the Smithsonian Folklife Program, USA

15. Various press clippings related to folklore and revival.

16. Letter from Ron Edwards about the 3rd National folklore Conference in 1988

Letter from Lee Baillie re Australian Folk Trust

Corro with Ron Edwards about ‘rights’ and folklore.

Australian Folk Society newsletter 1985

Folk Song and Dance Society of Victoria/letter

17. File of general; folklore correspondence with folklorists 1976
* Brad Tate
* Ron Edwards
* Bob Michell
* Geoff Morgan
* Paul Stuart
* Bob Moll
* Peter Parkhill
* Wendy Lowenstein
* Peter Orlovich (lecturer on archives, NSW uni)
* Peter O’Shaughnessy (sending bertha lawson’s original notes to Peter’s recording of Henry Lawson works)
* Dave Matthias (traditional musician)
* Verdon Williams (Dept of Further education)
* Joe Fernside (songwriter/woy Woy Train)
* Dave De Hugard
* Shirley Andrews
* Laurel Heath (about Old Bullock Dray)

18. Original music of Nat Trimarchi 1988
political songs

Various collecting letters

List of Australian recordings prior to 1971

Letter from Jenny Kang regarding Thunderbolt/Frank Ward

Clipping/Bulletin with letter from WF

Letter from Tony Foxworthy 1969 Director EFDSS requesting article on Australian music

Various corro regarding WF collecting trip 1974

NLA folklore collecting reimbursement docket

Myer Foundation letter offering $1000 grant to WF for collecting

4 x green manilla files of collected Xerox works.
1 x yellow file marked ‘Xerox lore’

Plastic file with WF’s transcribed Australian Folklore Unit notes that accompany tape collection

19. file photographs of Wendy Lowenstein, Shirley Andrews, Harry Cotter, Harry Cotter withy Tom Rummery, Denis Kevans, Dave Matthias, Bert Kippell, Australian Folklore Unit van, John Meredithy, Warren Fahey recording Sally Sloan, etc