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Warren Fahey has been at the forefront of the Australian folk revival since 1958 when he would visit Sydney folk clubs in his school uniform! He was in a unique position to collect ephemera of the revival, especially posters, catalogues, tickets etc, because of the specialised nature of his Folkways Music Store and the fact that he served on several early committees including a stint as the first national co-ordinator of Australian Folk Federation, was an active performer and folklorist and, most importantly, possessed a bowerbird mentality. He also ran four of Sydney’s most successful pioneer folk clubs (The Elizabeth Hotel, The Boar’s Head Tavern and the Edinburgh Castle).


1. Program Port Phillip Folk Festival 1967. 2nd National Folk Festival

Program Moreton Bay Folk Festival, Brisbane. 3rd National Folk Festival 1969

Program 1st Port Jackson Folk Festival and 4th National FF 1970

Poster 6th national folk festival (NFF) Monaro. Canberra (poster designed by musician and illustrator Garry Greenwood) 1972


Program 7th National FF. 2nd Port Jackson FF Sydney 1973

Program 9th National FF

Program 10th National FF Canberra 1976

Program 11th National FF Adelaide 1977

Program 12th National FF Fremantle 1978

Program 13th national FF Melbourne 1979

Program 16th NFF 1982

Program booklet 18th NFF 1984

Program Maleny FF 1991/2 (include Larrikins)

Program 26th National FF Canberra 1992

Program 29th National FF 1994 >

(Note: other programs etc appear in following folders)

2. Program 2nd Moreton Bay FF, 1973 Brisbane

letterhead from 9th National FF Sydney 1975

Strip colour car sticker 1972 Monaro FF Canberra

2 x Strip colour car sticker Port Jackson FF. Sydney 1970

2 x Strip colour car sticker Port Jackson FF. Sydney 1973

Strip colour car sticker ‘Finger Pickin’ Good’ Adelaide NFF. 1971

Performer’s ticket and concert voucher. Adelaide FF (11th national FF) 1977

Program 2nd national Folk Alliance Convention. 1998

Poster 1968 Grand Moomba Folk Music Concert (Produced by Glen Tomasetti)

4 copies Program Port Jackson Festival (Produced by Warren Fahey)

3. Newsletter of the NSW Folk Federation Vol 6 1971
10 1971
June 1972
23 1972
24 1972
March 1973
20 1973
(above with ‘report’ from WF on the Australian Folklore Unit)

Copy Number 1 (and possibly only edition) of ‘Leaf’ magazine edited by Colin Dryden for the Sydney Folk Song Magazine circa 1968.


4. copy of ‘Crazy Music’ magazine No 6 1975 (Australian Blues Society)

Country & Western Spotlight Magazine June and March 1977 and 1976

5. two copies of poster for the Brisbane concert by A.L.Lloyd presented by Bob Michell.

Program of the 1972 tour by Sydney Carter (Lord of the Dance)

Program 1970 1st Wagga Wagga Folk Festival (produced by Noel Raynes)

Program NSW Folk Federation Concert 1970 (2 copies)

Program of Sydney Folksong Festival 1967 with Colin Dryden, Marion Henderson etc

Program for ‘The Christmas Time’ concert featuring Declan Affley, Marion Henderson, Roger Montgomery and Warren Fahey – 1969

Program for ‘The Christmas Time’ concert Melbourne production with Peter Dickie, Danny Spooner etc


6. Nariel Creek poster with arly pictures of bushranger 1972

Large Nariel Creek poster 1971

Tradition Books catalogue (probably only edition), Edited by Wendy Lowenstein circa 1970 Melbourne.

‘Traditional Dances in Australia’ compiled by the assoc of Australian Dancers 1955 with notes by John Meredith

Booklet from Nariel Creek Festival with Kippel family photographs

Leaflet promoting 1977 Nariel Creek Festivals.

7. Australia Music Centre list of Australian folk recordings 1979 (Bulletin no. 10)

1971 Workers Educational Assoc program 1971 including Folklore Today course presented by WF

WEA Folklore Today 1972 course leaflet

The Paddington Journal 1970 with article on Australian Folk Trust

Newsletter of the NSW Folk Federation No 45.

Speewah Magazine issue number 1, 2, 3 & 4. 1997 now defunct.

8. Singabout Songster No 1 circa 1958

Gumsucker’s Gazette 1963 vol 4 no 1, 5, 9, 8, 7. 6. 11. 3 & 2

9. Gumsucker’s Gazette Festival edition 1963

Australian Tradition Magazine index issue edited Wendy Lowenstein. 1970

Free Reed Magazine (the concertina player’s magazine) 1974 with Australian reference.

Cornstalk Gazette (NSW Folk Federation) 1996 containing debate over A L Lloyd’s role in Australian folk revival. July & March issues.

Australian Tradition Newsletter 1996 with article on the Sunshine Railway Disaster ballad.

The Concertina Newsletter 1973 edited Neil Wayne (UK) and containing Australian article by Frank Pitt of Melbourne.

Christmas Card from Neil Wayne to WF

Songs from the Kelly Country songbook published by Bush Music Club – 2nd edition 1965

Songs from Lawson BMC songbook publsihed late 1960’s
(forward by Dame Mary Gilmore)

Songs of the Shearers songbook published BMC 1970

Bush Music Club Mulga Wire Magazine no 6/1978, no 5/1978, no 2 and 3/1977, no 22/1980 and June/1977

NSW Folk Federation newsletter No 87/1980

10. Coaldust Magazine Number 1. from the Newcastle Folk Club 1974
plus numbers march, June and December 1977

Leaflet Rum Cull’s Ceiledh Band

Leaflet with Folkways Music advertisement promoting Newcastle ‘branch’ operated by Pam and Norm Merrigan

‘Folksmith’ magazine Alice Springs 1972

Program Mudjimba Folk Festival Queensland produced by Queensland Folk Federation.

Issue Number 1 Vol 1 and two copies of No 1. vol 2. of ‘Idiom’ magazine published by Newcastle Folk Club (Purple Parrot Folk Club) 1969

Warren Fahey’s membership card of the Purple Parrot Folk Club (at Newcastle Technical College Union). 1969

Program 6th Newcastle Folk Festival. 1970

Leaflet from University of Newcastle promoting their Residential School ‘Folksongs of Britain and Australia’ conducted by Danny Spooner and the Maitland Bush Band 1974

Illawarra Song Book circa 1970s.


11. Leaflet promoting the Edinburgh Folk Club hosted by WF 1970

A sheet plus envelope containing several Sydney Morning Herald advertisements for the Edinburgh Folk Club and indicating guest singers like Declan Affley, Marion Henderson, Peter Parkhill etc

Press clipping ‘Australians it seems, don’t make very good folk singers’ – quoting Noel Raynes who ran one of Sydney’s first folk clubs.

First review of Wild Colonial Boys 1970

Press clipping from Sun Herald on Australian folksong 1972

Clipping with story on Australian folk revival 1971

Paddington Journal with Folk Federation ‘notes’ 1975

Clipping on the National FF 1971 at Flinders Uni

12. Roneoed songbook ‘A Collection of Australian Women’s Songs’ compiled by Christine Boult 1976

Loaded Dog Songbook (this is a Sydney folk club) edited Patrick Keegan 1986

Pioneer Peformers No 3 1994 and the catalogue 1993

Paddy lay Back. Songbook published by Queensland Folk Federation edited Alan banister 1990’s

Stringybark & Greenhide folk magazine Vol 3 No 4 1981 and Vol 5 No 3 1984.

13. Speewah Magazine Vol 1 No 1 1954
14. Journal of the Australian Folk Lore Society and edited by Wattle Records founder Peter Hamilton.

15. The Lagerphone Tutor. Self-published.

Foc’s’le Magazine Vol 3 No 1 (West Australian)

16. letter from South Australian Folk Federation sec Barbara Walter to the newly formed Australian National Folk Trust 1974

letter from Ron Edwards on letterhead Fieldworkers in Folklore 1974

Letter from Cliff Gilbert Purssey Prez of Victorian Folk Song & Dance Society about ANFT 1974

Letter from Bob Pommeroy regarding the proposed Forbes Folk Festival circa 1974

Letter from Darts Kelimocum 1974 about the Elizabeth Folk Club, Sydney.

Press release Kirk gallery, Redfern, concert 1974 “The Ultimate Singer Songwriter Concert’

17. Program notes for ‘And Then We Closed Down’ – a workshop on drinking in Australia presented by Bloodwood, Alice Springs, 1975

NSW Folk Federation newsletter No 76, 1979

Leaflet 2nd Carcoar Folk & Traditional Bush Music Festival 1979

Leaflet 3rd Ben Hall Festival Caroar, NSW, 1979

Leaflet Country Dance with Blackwattle band, Balmain, NSW, 1979

Small and large Leaflet ‘The Boree Log’ Australian Folk Club. Carlton, Victoria 1979

Large poster featuring Simon McDonald promoting The Boree Log and Carlton (Victoria) International Market.

Town Crier Magazine, Perth, WA, Vol 5 1977

Program 3rd WA Folk Festival 1973
Program 4th WA Folk Festival 1974

Flyer from 4th WA Folk Festival listing program of workshops by Humphrey McQueen, Colin McJannett, Gordon McIntyre


18. NSW Folk Federation annual concert 1971 at Elizabethan Theatre, Newtown, featuring Declan Affley, John Francis, Bernard Bolan etc

Flyer for John Huie’s Tavern, The Rocks. (an early folk venue)

Membership application form for NSW Folk Federation 1970

Press release, NSW Folk Federation for ‘Australia’s on the Wallaby’ produced by WF 1970.

Leaflet Folk Song Concert 1971 Elizabethan Theatre, Sydney.

Advertisement for 2nd Port Jackson Folk Festival 1973

Warren Fahey’s weekend ticket to 2nd PJFF 1973

Envelope with various press (SMH) advertisements for the Boar’s Head Folk Club, Sydney, 1971, showing guest singers and musicians.

Press release launching Boar’s Head Folk Club 1970

Admission ticket to the Folk Centre, 177 Ann St, Brisbane, late 1960s showing Wayfarers as house band.

Wild Colonial Boys (the original bush band) poster and press photograph and promotional leaflet

Folk Song Concert. Sydney, 1970s. at Sydney Conservatorium of Music featuring Al Head, John Currie, Trevor Sutton, Phyl Lobl, Gary Tooth (ex Wayfarers), Rhonda Mawer and ‘bush and irish bands’.


19. Report of Music Momentum Conference on multi cultural music 1984

Program Port Phillip Folk Festival, melb, 1968

1961 English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) magazine with article by A L Lloyd on copyright and folksong

Booklet on the Kirkby Malzeard Sword Dance ed Douglas kennedy and published by EFDSS 1947

Directory of folk music organizations published by International Folk Music Council 1967

Port Phillip District Folk Festival 1967 program including lengthy articles on folk music revival by Ewan MacColl and Ian Campbell.

20. Weekend ticket to the Bush Music Club Festival, Wilberforce, NSW, 1994 at Aust Pioneer Village

Press clipping from USA magazine Dirty Line about Australian ballads 1999

Application form from Victorian Folk Music Club

Membership card (Warren Fahey number 3) Town Crier Folk Club, Sydney, circa 1970s

Combined Hunter Valley Folk Music Clubs Festival program 1970

21. Various items concerning performance group The Larrikins.

letter 1975 offering the Larrikins a USA tour through McIntosh Productions

Corro with department of Foreign Affairs about support for touring USA

Letter to Michael Edgley of Edgley & Dawe re Larrikin tour

Sydney Opera House contract 1975

WEA ‘Folklore Today’ series of talks by Warren Fahey 1975. contract.
Corro Yvonne Larson, Uni of NSW, re talks on folk music 1975

Letter proposal Youth Hostels Assoc 1975 regarding Folk Weekend.
Letter to Folk Federation of SA. WF resigning as Executive Director of Australian National Folk Trust. Plus various corro re the ANFT.

Wild Colonial Boys 1974 royalty report from EMI<

Contract between WF and Teaching Resource Centre for use of folk materials in education kit

Letter EMI regarding recording projects

The Larrikins in 1974 Richard Brooks, Tony Suttor, Andy Saunders, phyl Lobl & WF at Opera House.

Letter Richard Collins regarding 1970s Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger tour of Australia >

Town Crier Magazine (WA) 1976

Program 6th WA Folk Festival at Bunbury

Letter Stuart Heather Tasmanian Folk Festival 1976

Letter from Harvey Green 1974 – Green ran the door at Sydney’s first revival folk club in the 1960s. Elizabeth Hotel.

Letter from Mike & Carol Wilkinson – two early UK performers who were instrumental in the early folk revival and also celebrated performers.

Letter from Ken Maynard (cartoonist) 1970
Letter from Denis Tracey (singer) 1971
Letter Danny Spooner (singer) 1971
Letter pat & norm O’Connor (early folklore collectors) 1971

Leaflet from WA Folk Dances 1981

Program 15th National folk Festival, Brisbane 1981

Canberra Monaro Searchlight Hard tack Weekend Folk Festival supplement 1981

Program for Ard Tack Festival 1979

Various folk revival press clippings

Letterhead from 9th national Folk Festival 1975 –
Warren Fahey letterhead when Exec of Australian Folk Trust

Cornstalk Gazette magazine 1974 containing article on WF collecting project and also a song about ‘Football’ by Eric Bogle.

Cornstalk gazette 1974 containing the first printed version of Eric Bogle’s ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’


22. file. Various photographs of per5formers including Colin Dryden, Margaret RoadKnight, Jean Lewis, White Nelli, Jamie Carlin, Col McJannett plus photos of festivals and bush dances


23. file. Various photos and colour negs of The Wild Colonial Boys – the first commercial bush band circa 1965 Plus press clippings after their performance in Mick Jagger Ned Kelly film


24. file. Program of 23 National Folk Festival in Qld
plus adv letter + receipt
Map of festival
Plastic car sticker

25. file. Australian folk directory 1986
1969 Purple Parrot Foolk Club concert prog & press clipping
Trooper Scanlon’s gold pan band – business card
1975 Int Folk Music Council Conference program