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When I was researching material for my book ‘Diggers’ Songs’ (Australian Military History Press) I made the acquaintance of one of my ‘heroes’ of Australian wartime cartooning, George Sprod. I subsequently used several of George’s wonderful drawings in the book however he also gave me a song titled ‘Wheezy Anna’. Unfortunately it arrived too late for inclusion in the book.

Wheezy Anna

There’s a girl lives in our street, Wheezy Anna,
There is a girl who is so sweet, Wheezy Anna,
When she was young she bought a small mouth organ for a tanner,
She swallowed it and ever since, they call her Wheezy Anna.

Down where the watermelons grow
(and they’ve all got pips in)
Wheezy Anna, Wheezy Anna,
She’s the grandest girl I know.

Who’s got eyes that are the best? Wheezy Anna,
One looks East and one looks West, Wheezy Anna,
Who’s got tits like lumps of fritz? Wheezy Anna,
Ain’t seen nothing since the Blitz, Wheezy Anna.

George said this was a WW2 favourite with our troops and that there were more verses.
Fritz, by the way, was a common sausage, which was purchased in slices.

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