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Forestville case study

In some cases of haunting, poltergeists and psychic phenomena there is a process of psycho-spiritual emergence that can become break-through or breakdown. Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof has detailed this (Grof 1989) and also describes it as psychic opening.

In October 2000 I went to interview a woman born in China and living in Forestville, her husband had sought help from A.I.P.R. and explained that about a year ago his wife went along to a Falun Gong Meeting in Chatswood where there is a large Chinese community.

Falun Gong is a form of Buddhism high-jacked and politically banned in Mainland China by a paranoid government. After attending only a few meetings she experienced what is known in Transpersonal Psychology as a psychic opening where she was hearing the voice of Lee the leader of Falun Gong now hiding in exile in the U.S.A. She was also experiencing involuntary body movements images of Lee with a different voice, strange body energies and a sense of being controlled by an arrogant Chinese persona. She reported a hot spot on the back of her head and an energy spot below her navel. Similar to Kundalini chakra energy. She was admitted to Manly hospital Psychiatric ward and given anti-psychotic medication that she had been taking for one year. During this time she had returned to China and experienced the entity threatening to kill her, speaking through her mouth.

After a year of this she was understandably depressed and dispirited as well as exhausted.
A week later Simon and Hannah joined me in visiting their Forestville home. Simon rebalanced the Charka energies in her body and led a spiritualist ceremony to clear away the unwanted arrogant entity in white lighting the home for protection. I should mention here that Simon’s team of non-physical helpers arrived at the Forestville home when we were all there. His helpers, he calls them the good spooks, have a distinct energy signature I have come to recognise, it is a spinning energy that goes clockwise around the room and is quite unmistakable.

The next day her husband phoned me to say that the entity was back and suggesting she leave her husband and get into heaven in five years time. I discussed this with Simon who felt that she was enjoying all the attention and is also a bit stubborn in that Chinese way, she had invited the entity back into consciousness.

I also discussed her case with a Psychiatric Registrar who suggested increasing the dose of olanzopine that is usually kept low for Asian people because they are more sensitive to it. In addition some anti-depressant medication was recommend to lift her mood and self-confidence with the hope of internalising her locus of control and ending her sense of being a victim of this psychic assault.

Her husband reported the anti-depressants are very effective but that his wife’s self-confidence was still rock bottom.

Communication was somewhat difficult because of the Chinese/English language so I sought to find a Psychiatrist who was Chinese and also understood spiritual emergence as described by Grof. A big ask you might think.

Well I phoned around and found such an individual through a colleague, a female Psychiatrist in Neutral Bay not too far from Forestville.

By August this year her husband reported that her energy levels were up and she has regained most of her lost self-confidence. Together they were working with a group of friends using spiritualist technologies and asked a white angel to remove the arrogant entity they had nick named “Old China” and she has been free of him since then. She has discontinued the anti-psychotic medication but continues the anti-depressants.
This is great news; she is very lucky to have a husband with a growing understanding of psycho-spirituality and persistence to succeed.

I am encouraged that more successes like this can be possible and made easier by early intervention. I would be interested to know details of the full recovery of one third of all people diagnosed as schizophrenic who experience only one episode of illness and made a full recovery.

For anyone interested non-drug treatment for spiritual emergence I can also recommend Harvard Professor of Psychiatry John Weir-Perry’s work (Weir-Perry 1974 and 1999).