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Football view4

SOURCE:Words by PAT FINN Music by L. B. CARRICK.



Ah! who’ll be the premiers’ ?
Yes, that is the question.
Who’ll come out on top for the year ’93 ?
Will it be the Port Melbourne,
The Melbourne, South Melbourne,
Or will Carlton this season the leading club be ?

For we’ll joyously bail the victorious premiers,
And not lightly regard every failure.
Yes, we’ll hail with delight
Footballers front in the fight,
And acknowledge them dons of Australia.
Perhaps the Richmond, the Footscray,
Or mayhap St. Kilda,
The coveted honor will this year enjoy,
Or perhaps ’twill be Collingwood—
Lately established—
Or the premiers may turn up in “good old Fitzroy.”

For we’ll joyously, etc.

We’ve a club from each suburb,
All playing as seniors;
And Essendon, too, seems to be going it strong
And what of the old club,
The pride of the Pivot-
Yes, what of the once muchly-dreaded Geelong ?

For we’ll joyously, etc.

But who’ll be the premiers ?
Yes, that is the question ;
And until it’s settled we’ll uneasy be.
Yes, who’ll be the champions
Of the football blue ribbon—
Who’ll be the premiers for the year ’93 ?

For we’ll joyously, etc.