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NSW – Sydney – Cornstalks

New South Wales in my home State and Sydney is its capital. I was born in the inner-eat suburb of Paddington, moved to Woollahra for seventeen years and, in 2002, moved to Potts Point.

In the NSW section, you will find loads of curious history about Sydney and its suburbs, songs about Sydney life, distinctive Sydney smells, and some specific research on suburbs like Miller’s Point. As with most of the site, this is a work in progress. If there is something you would like included – please drop me an email via the contact form.

Australia’s population in the latest census (2015) totalled 23,777,777 of which NSW made up 7,617,684. The medium total income pp was $44,780. 31.9% of the population was born overseas. And, for a frightening fact, there were 5,374,428 registered motor vehicles.

All Australian States and Territories have emblems. Here are the NSW emblems.

Flower: The Waratah

Bird: The Kookaburra

Fish: The Blue Groper

Gemstone: The Black Opal

Animal: The Platypus

Oddity: The Bogan