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An Introduction to the Collection

Welcome to this ‘kangaroo’ of a site –

it certainly jumps all over the place. It’s big, somewhat unwieldy and, I hope, a fascinating glimpse into Australian history, tradition and music.

It started small at the end of the last century and has become an important resource for teachers, students, researchers, musicians and ordinary folk who enjoy what I refer to as ‘curious’ history. As a folklorist and cultural historian I cover a wide field and although the search engine is extremely handy many people simply guide themselves through the various topics, rambling where their curiosity takes them. The site started life as a HTML format designed and graciously maintained by Valda Low of Mountain Tracks and, in 2014, I bit the bullet and decided to move to WordPress which allows me to direct access to add reader contributions, corrections, and, most importantly, add heaps of new material. In 2017 I began an ambitious program to include hundreds of sound files including many from my folklore collecting expeditions in the early seventies.


My work is as varied as this site. I collect and sing Australian songs (I have a swag of over 500 songs, ditties, poems and toasts), I write books (about 30 at last count), produce CDs (I have a long history of operating record labels and producing albums for the ABC), create visual multi- media films, act on the stage, undertake research and give lectures and concerts. Life is good!


Explore, enjoy and, if you feel friendly, please drop me a note through the site’s contact email.


Warren Fahey