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Dogs in Song and Verse



© Warren Fahey 2008

Our national affection for dogs is shown in the many songs, ditties, toasts and poems that celebrate the dog.

Swagman’s Toast:
Me and me dog we travel the bush
In weather cold and hot;
Me and me dog, we don’t give a stuff,
If we get any work, or not.

Piddling Pete, the celebrated dog that could dribble, spurt and do fancy piddling tricks, is well known as a bush poem. Pete had diabetes!

Warren Fahey recites Piddlin’ pete

Then there’s the song ‘The Dog’s Meeting’ with its explanation as to why dogs sniff each other’s bums. Lawson’s ‘The Loaded Dog’ is a classic yarn in verse. The most popular song what have to be Jack Moses’s ‘The Dog Sat on the Tuckerbox’ and it’s relative ‘Nine Miles From Gunadagai’. 

Warren Fahey sings ‘Nine Miles From Gundagai’


And finally….

There is much speculation as to what goes through a dog’s mind. Books have been written, experts quoted but the fact remains – dogs are fairly unique in the domesticated pet animal farm. They are unbelievably loyal, smart and responsive to good old-fashioned love.

We owe them a great debt as a vital part of Australian history. Woof!