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SOURCE: Aug 21 1844. Sydney Punch. [WF Collection]

The Lord Mayor’s Fancy Dress Ball

For Governor Gipps & his lady were there
in close tete-a -tete with -the Mayoress & Mayor
& in trimly dressed Parker and smart Mereweather
in the train of her Ladyship chattered together
On the mayoress attended her maids of honour
& her son in pages dress waited upon her
Sir Maurice 0 Connell the forces commander
Appeared among the guests a delighted “bystander
Deas Thompson so stately & Biddell so hearty
in civic costume were attached to the party
& majors a captains attended the muster
their scarlet coats brightening the glittering cluster
& groups of fair ladies their faces unveil
and sparkle like the stars in her ladyships tail