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Children’s Lore view words 4

Source:Australian Journal June 1860-70


Why is the Governor or NSW like a medical student?
Because he’s a Sir John

Which is the most dissipated – cake or wine?
Cake is often seedy and sometimes tipsy but wine is always drunk

What do you eat every day that nobody else eats?
Your dinner

Why does lightning turn milk and beer sour?
Because it doesn’t know how to conduct itself

Why is Sydney like a piano?
Because it’s full of flats and sharps

What makes more mess than a pig in a stye?
Two pigs

When are bakers hard up?
When they knead bread

Who is a greater dandy than the butcher?
No one for he is always dressed to kill.

Here’s an item that brings in Ned Kelly


I’m seen in the Streets, I’m seen in the lanes
I’m seen in the valleys and also on the plains
I rest under waters and also on land
I’ve encountered Ned Kelly and felt his foul hand
I traverse steep hills and descend into dales
No matter to me though a tempest prevails
I’m impervious to heat and likewise to rain
And to guess what I am you must cudgel your brain

Answer – Telegraph Wire