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Case study Petersham

A young tertiary educated woman living alone in Petersham, an inner Sydney suburb, asked for help with a haunting in August 2000.
She had got used to the banging and knocking, always three quick sharp knocks on furniture, front and back doors. Always at about 3am wintertime and 4am eastern summertime.

On Australia Day, January 26 1994, she and two old friends slept the night in the Old Barracks on Macquarie Street in Sydney and went sailing on a Tall ship the next day just for fun. During her sleep on the second floor of the Old Barracks, second hammock from the north end, she became conscious in sleep paralysis, her thoughts were clear but she had difficulty breathing. She had a sense of being enveloped, being overtaken.
Prior to being a barracks the same building had been a prison.

Since that time she experienced repeats of the barrack paralysis often in her own home. She also told us of seeing the apparition of a woman sitting in her lounge room chair and a female hand grabbed her arm away from her face while reading in bed. Next the bedside light switched on and off three times in quick succession. She telephoned AI.P.R the next day.

Simon took control of the clearing ceremony and identified an elderly woman, the previous owner of the home who had fallen and broken her pelvis, these repeated three sharp knocks were anxious appeals for help which were easily dealt with once she realised that she was dead, she went peacefully off to the light.

The three characters she brought home with her from the barracks were less intelligent; I am reminded here of another quote by Charles Tart, “dying doesn’t necessarily raise your I.Q.

These characters took about 40 minutes to go to the light, the other two not going unless the leader would go too!

This young woman had no interest in psychic phenomena and had no idea why this had been happening to her, she just wanted to be rid of it. I received a thank you call from her in September telling me the house has been quiet and peaceful since Simon’s work at December 2000 she reports all is peaceful.